August 15, 2012

Use Predictive Analytics
to Reach the Right Audience

Author Stalin Cruz
Category Blog | eCommerce Marketing |
The most effective way for companies to optimize their marketing campaigns today is with predictive analytics. This method of marketing allows companies to predict consumer behavior, allowing the company to determine its potential success and how much money should be spent on that particular campaign. With predictive analytics, companies are able to target the right customers at the right time.

Because companies are consistently dealing with smaller budgets when it comes to marketing, predicting consumers’ responses to your efforts is essential to your success. Finding the right way to predict the response will give executives the proof they need to justify the amount of money each campaign costs.

Trying to manually analyze each marketing campaign is a task not even the most effective marketing department can handle. It takes effective planning and skills to determine the exact marketing methods that are going to work, as well as what category of consumers your efforts will work on. Wasting time and money on marketing plans that are not going to be effective only serves to give the competition the upper hand.

Decisions based on fact take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts. When you use methods to predict the preferences and habits of consumers, you will be able to better predict the marketing efforts that will work. Predictive analytics mean making an informed decision about your marketing efforts based on past purchases and habits. Taking a close look at the patterns of the past data allows you to make decisions that are geared toward the future. Taking the time to understand customers’ behavior in the past will pave the way for your company’s future.

Predictive analytics is one of the most essential tools your company can utilize. Having the ability to track customer behavior, patterns and various other data from past efforts will allow you to use that data to effectively plan for the future. Using analytics the right way will allow you to increase your sales, realize a greater return on investment and increase your customer base.

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