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24Sep, 2019

Driving Transparency with Dynamics Business Central and Magento Integration

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Renowned American businessman, Howard Schultz stated once that the currency of leadership is transparency. Having said that, let us ask you – does your business need transparency? Of course, you will need it within your company as it ensures that the jobs and responsibilities in your organization are carried out in a perfect manner. However, does your business need to maintain that with your customers?

The answer is YES and that is not just obligatory, but a necessity for every company today. Not convinced? Here’s a fact: Label Insight conducted a survey where they found out 94% of the consumers said, when asked, they prefer remaining loyal to brands that offer transparency. Further, 74% of them said that they do not even mind paying more for brands that offer transparency!

Regardless of the size of your business, being an online company you cannot manage all your operations manually. For that, it is paramount to integrate the Magento with Dynamics 365 business central to provide reliable support to the backend. However, that doesn’t stop here. Magento and Dynamics Business Central integration also makes sure that your customer enjoys a transparent and more user-friendly service!

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Why Brands are More Active in The Online Market?

Gone are the days when businesses used to run by offline marketing and word-of-mouth alone. Companies know that their online presence is what will either make or break their existence in the long run. To provide smooth user experience, the integration of technology is necessary. This means, to create a strong foundation online, brands invest a lot of time, energy, and capital, which needs proper technological backup.

Therefore, while businesses are evolved and updated with time and technology, their customers tend to understand how their money is being utilized, how the products are being treated, how will they be handled and sent, and much more. It was observed that consumers tend to go for those business houses that offer more information.

Call it curiosity or paranoia, consumers demand transparency now because they want to know everything pertaining to their order and there are ways how you can make them feel calmed and secure.

Let’s have a look at a few amazing things that you can do with the integration of Magento and Dynamics Business Central and at the same time maintain the best levels of transparency.

Providing Excellent User Engagement Value:

No business can run seamlessly if the customer is not satisfied as the foundation of any business is the customer chain. A happy customer goes a long way and to ensure the customer is extremely satisfied, all it takes to provide the right information to the end-user like product information, delivery details, return policies, proper tracking details, payment options, etc. Also, a hassle-free process with the utmost understanding of your company will help you build synergy with your customer base that will work wonders for you in the long run. With Magento CRM, the information is easily synced to aid in transferring paramount information like invoices, credit memos, updating the order status in real-time. A company that relies on an integration system for customer deliverables ensures building a happy customer which ensure maximum customer lifetime value.

At the same time, this will also make the consumers feel more secure as they will have a sense of participation in the entire process. It will help in building trust as well.

Eliminating Human Errors:

In business, how do you plan to keep a detailed record of every transaction? If your answer is by a human source then have a look at the research which cites, “75% of data loss due to human errors.” So, are you up for taking such a heavy loss in your business? If not then Dynamics 365 Magento integration is your only solution. With human resources, even the slightest mistakes cost heavy losses in business. However, with the advent of technology, the chances of happening these slightest mistakes get eliminated. Transferring the data from one system to another is the foremost cause of an error. This too can be put to an end with such a technology. This overall generates transparency within the organization as these redundant data tasks are performed effectively by Dynamics 365 business central automatically.

If your consumers need clear information on the status of their order and you fail to deliver that, it can annoy the customer. Similarly, if that customer is given the wrong information, he or she can also get irritated. Therefore, when you know that you have no irregularities in your data or record, you can easily keep them out in open for your customers to see. It will also help your customers trust your business more.

Keeping the Data Secure:

With transparency comes the responsibility of securing the crucial information. Data is one of the most important elements in the business and losing it can be devastating for any business. However, thanks to Dynamics 365 Magento integration, the data in either Magento or Dynamics ERP will be shared with an encrypted connection. Thus, ensuring the security of any information. The major reason for data mismatch and duplicate data is the re-entering data process. This technology also eliminates this bottleneck. With Dynamics 365 the accuracy cannot be compromised and helps save time which is extremely precious in any business. If the vision of any organization is to rise above the horizon by expanding its current status then Dynamics 365 integration is a must technology.

Such integrated technology just not alone helps in mundane data transactions but also helps in enhancing User Experience, delivering transparency, and adding value to the overall organization by managing services differently.


Despite human efforts, businesses need a technological management system that cannot be compromised. From a seamless experience to maintaining transparency, every element is crucial for a business to rise beyond its mission. They say time is money. If that is correct then the online market surely points to the importance of integrating Dynamics 365 with the Magento. To gain better control over the business, increasing system flexibility, minimizing data discrepancies, reducing operational costs, providing excellent customer experience, and boost productivity you need the essence of Dynamics 365 in your business. Otherwise, your online business will suffer in a world with acute competition.

If professional assistance is keeping you away from benefiting through such technology then i95Dev’s Magento Dynamics 365 Connect is the solution for you. We understand the nuances of both worlds – eCommerce and technology. Reach out to us if you think your business lacks the technical backbone it needs to create its unique place in the online realm.

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Driving Transparency with Dynamics Business Central and Magento Integration