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October 29, 2013

Effectiveness of Magento
and Zend Framework

Author Mark Johnson
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PHP is a type of programming that is commonly used on major operating systems, such as Windows and Unix. The programming language is also popular among web developers. PHP has undergone many changes over the last several years in order to better serve programmers and developers. PHP 5 is the latest version of PHP to come about and it has given rise to several PHP frameworks that users can take advantage of. One of these frameworks is none other than Zend framework.
Zend is an open-source framework that can be used to develop applications using PHP. Zend supports a wide range of databases which includes Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. The importance of Zend framework has become such an important aspect of online giants, such as Flickr and Amazon, as well as major search engines like Yahoo and Google.
Aside from being completely object oriented, using the Zend development framework offers several other advantages, such as flexibility, ease of use, high productivity, cost-effectiveness, security and extensive feature support. Zend also boasts an extensive library which has many functions, making it possible for you to build more dynamic and customized websites. Website URLs are also SEO-friendly so that your site ranks higher on the pages of search engines like Google. The flexible architecture of Zend also makes it more convenient for developers.

Magento and Zend Framework 

If you’re a retailer who is looking to build an e-commerce strategy for your business, then you should consider Magento and Zend framework. Here are some of the ways that you can benefit from Zend framework when you use Magento.

  • Zend framework has a wide community of users and developers, so if you are looking for community support then you will find plenty of documentation and assistance. The large group of developers who are part of this community leads to plenty of innovations and improvements. If you are looking for resources or simple assistance, then Zend’s community is ready to help you.
  • Zend also offers a wide range of web services, which are obviously important if you are transferring your business online. Zend provides your business with e-commerce features such as the ability to exchange data and perform financial transactions online.
  • Scalability is another benefit that Magento offers through its Zend framework. Using Magento allows your online store to handle massive volumes of traffic to prepare for those peak seasons when there are many shoppers visiting your e-commerce store.
  • Zend framework also provides flexibility that allows retailers to enhance and customize their websites. This flexibility can be mostly attributed to a wide range of extensions that are available under Magento. Some of these extensions are free of charge while others need to be purchased for a reasonable price. No matter what your site requires, chances are you will easily find an extension for it.

If you are looking to transfer your business online or improve an already existing e-commerce strategy then Magento can be a good choice. Magento uses the Zend framework which operates on PHP 5. The benefits and features outlined above can be leveraged to help you build and enhance an e-commerce platform.

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