May 7, 2019

Improve Conversions
with mCommerce

Author i95Dev Admin
Are your customers buying via your mobile app? If not, you are probably behind your competitors who are in all probability planning strategies to increase their conversions on mobile devices.
As you must know, the number of users shifting from desktop to mobile is surging every day. According to the latest study, 70% of the online surfing and 79% of the social media access happen through mobile devices. Isn’t that number alarming? Not able to tap that 70 % of users is a huge concern for your business.
Do you even know that the number of people using mobile devices is more than those using desktops? In such a scenario, ignoring the power of mobile conversion can put your business into serious trouble. Also, Google is stressing companies to build a mobile-friendly website for better ranking. All these have made companies focus on mobile conversions.

Increased Number of Mobile Shoppers

Mobile phones have moved on from being a device for calling other people or messaging tool. It has evolved and has given businesses and e-commerce companies a huge opportunity to reach out to their target audiences.
Because of the ease of access and on the go usage availability, consumers are feeling comfortable shopping on their phones itself. Even the banking and financial services available on mobile devices have made people dependable on mobile phones.
It is expected that sales through mobile devices would reach $2.3 trillion this year. There are 44.7% of online shopping is happening on the phone in the USA. These numbers are growing exponentially. Research shows that m-commerce is already on the verge of taking over the e-commerce transaction in China.
Mobile is not the future, but our present and is dominating every sphere of our lives. We start our day checking our messages and end our day scrolling through the social media accounts. And between all this, we shop, order food, transfer money and do other things. At the same time, it has become a huge opportunity for businesses.

M-Commerce and its Advantages

Taking into consideration the above numbers, it is no doubt that m-commerce holds a lot of potential in helping businesses increase their sales.
Providing Tailored Experience: If you compare the desktop interface with mobile apps, you will find mobile apps to be more personalized and tailored as per your preferences. Because mobile phones are one user device, the apps are tailored as per the account holder’s likes and dislikes. The suggestions and offerings are also tailored as per the previous searches and purchases which is very easy with desktops and laptops due to privacy restrictions.
Enable Geo-Targeting: With mobile phone apps, location-based targeting is possible. This opens up a huge set of feature that can be delivered only over the real-time location. Also, the retailers can offer real-time offers and deals to their customers based on their location.
Mobile apps have been a huge success so far, especially built on Magento 2. If you are considering to get one for your company, why not consider both sides of the coin.
Challenges Faced by M-Commerce
With all the opportunities lying out there, businesses still feel dubious when it comes to spending on mobile apps. It is because m-commerce does have its challenges.
Faster Device Progression: How often do you see a hardware mobile company releasing the next version of the smartphone already in the market? You must have got my point. Mobile companies release faster and improved versions with even better OS every next time. And, a regular need to keep the apps updated to sync with the changes in the hardware and software of the mobile device is a huge challenge for businesses.
Strategies to Lure Buyers: As you know the numbers of mobile users are growing and the m-commerce is the new hype, competition between stores selling similar products gets it all crowded. While keeping the competitive price is not a solution anymore, coming up with new out of box strategies every time makes it difficult to stay above par.
User Experience: Keeping up with the high-end quality the new smartphones are providing isn’t easy. Apps that provide just the functionality required to finish the job isn’t enough. Apps must let users experience the best features of their mobile phones simultaneously. Moreover, mobile apps provide a small screen limit where users need to zoom out things a lot of times.
These challenges are limiting m-commerce sales and also are the reasons why businesses feel skeptical about investing in mobile apps.

The solution to the Challenges Faced by M-Commerce

Businesses seek real-time solutions and m-commerce within its vicinity has provided all the strategies to go on. The good news is that the challenges trying to slow down the trend is not at all irreversible. One need the right solution to fight those and realize every benefit that m-commerce is open to shower.

Progressive Web Apps

As most of the top players like Google, Flipkart and many others have already started using the technology, progressive web apps do not need any further justification. Also known as PWA, these are the web applications which can create fastest web pages. A combination of standard web technologies and the new javascript features make this technology a huge success.
Above all, these PWAs are meant to bridge gaps between the responsible sites and the mobile applications that may take forever to load. Apart from high speed, it works to improve user engagement, experience and as a result conversion.
Are you still thinking if you should invest in PWAs or not? Here are few takeaways.
Fastest Load Time: PWAs core principle is the progressive enhancement which makes it load apps faster when visited repeatedly. In short, it uses the cache to cut down the load time while responding to its users instantly.
Easy Installation: PWAs offer add to home screen which is used to install the apps instantly on the mobile phones. Hence, user can access the apps without any delays as it is with the standard apps.
Businesses can also opt the way these PWAs will appear on the user’s screen. There are options like home screen icon, splash screen and colour themes for the address bars.
Efficient Push Notifications: Filling the gaps of web and introducing push notification has changed the conversion rate drastically. Push Messages drives 88% more engagement app launches. PWAs are helping businesses connect in a personal way with push notifications.
Highly Dependable: Have you ever faced problems like disconnection in the middle of the online shopping due to bad network coverage and losing all your saved data? Many times, I guess. However, with PWAs, you can still work on your cart updates when the internet goes off. Definitely, few functionalities won’t appear but you won’t be locked down.       
Very Secure: You can count PWAs to be secure by default. PWAs are served over HTTPs while ensuring the highest level of security and privacy is provided to its users. This can include payment transactions, browsing history and every thing that comes within the app like capabilities.
Easily Searchable: Unlike standard apps, PWAs can be indexed by search engines increasing its reach to the users. Hence, making more ways for increasing conversions.

Voice Commerce

Market is evolving and users are relying on easier ways to make purchases given the hectic lifestyle. And, what could be easier than asking someone to do that for you. Voice commerce has enabled users to talk to their phones and instruct them for making the purchases on behalf of them. It has also helped users choose based on price comparisons, reviews and a lot of other parameters in real time.
Amazon echo is the biggest example of what voice commerce can unveil. As per the statistics, 1 in every 5 customers staying in the USA have already bought voice assistant. And, this number is surging exponentially.
Hence, businesses and retailers shouldn’t waste time and must capitalize the new wave for increased conversions on mobile phones.
Taking into considerations the best consumer experience and ease of use, retailers must concentrate on these offerings:
Have a simple system in Place for Voice commerce: Retailers are joining hands with already existing solutions to make their offerings easy and accessible to consumers. While google take Walmart’s purchase history to ask pro-active questions, amazon Alexa makes it easy for users to order from Starbucks from the stores they ordered previously.
Real Time Comparisons and Deals: Through voice commerce, retailers can provide their user the ease of comparing in the real time. One instruction to the voice assistants can lead them to plethora of options from the vast shopping database.
However, the challenge voice commerce face is the absence of visual shopping. Ordering a known product without looking at them is easy. But what about the products that are new? For this, voice commerce needs mobile phones to help businesses realize their full potential. For example, asking your phone to show you the best deals in clothing can help you scroll through the latest offers instantly. Now that is what we are talking about.
Voice commerce and mobile commerce together can change the definition of e-commerce for good. And, businesses must act fast to experience its benefits.

The Conclusion

Mobile Commerce is evolving with new technologies coming in. As the technologies are still in their early stage, there are lots of room for improvements. Also, companies realizing the same would be able to better stage their online shopping experience to its customers.
The reason for maximum automation of the shopping experience has already created a craze among the users. Acceptance of voice assistants and smartphone in every hand is a call for bigger revolution within e-commerce.
According to CNBC Alexa would be a 10 billion dollar business by 2020. Hence, retailers must tap into the opportunities fast. However, one must need a dependable agency to fight the challenges within its functionality and realize the best version of both the worlds, the new trend and the existing solutions.
If you are looking for one such agency, i95Dev can help you make this possible. With prior experience and skilled technologist, i95Dev aims at assisting all its client in increasing their mobile conversions for huge returns.
For every assistance, please call us today to learn more about how we implement m-commerce tailored as per your business needs.

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