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January 30, 2018

Think mCommerce,
Think Magento 2

Author Matt
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mCommerce saw an exponential growth over the past few years. Even a simple search on ‘Google trends’ shows an upward swing on mCommerce. But if you read between the lines, the interest elicited for mCommerce is inversely proportional to the conversions.
There is still a significant lag in mobile conversions when compared to its cousin the Desktop. There are some interesting finds where the contradictions are stark. According to an interesting study by ‘Adobe’

  • Browsing through Smartphones grew by 65% YoY while Desktop and tablets shrank by 2%.
  • Desktop traffic decreased by 6% YoY while smartphone traffic increase by 8%.
  • Smartphone traffic is poised to overtake traffic from Desktop by Q1 of year 2018.

The figures that you see throw a very positive light on the future of mCommerce but there is an anomaly. The same study by Adobe suggests Desktop still remains the heavy hitter for US eCommerce sites accounting for 75% of their total revenue, in comparison to 16% of revenue driven from mobile apps.

The reason why Mobile apps are not able to convert sales

There are some crucial insights, which indicate why mobile commerce with all the potential still fails to convert into sales.

  • 38% of US consumers state small screen and poorly optimized mobile sites as the reason for behind abandoning their mobile sale.
  • 35% of shoppers states lack of ‘Pinch and zoom’ functionality as being a turn off.
  • 33% of millennials state irrelevant push notifications and 22% state non personalized promotions as reason for cart abandonment while shopping through mobile.

All these reasons stated by shopper’s sums up mostly to the reasons of poorly optimized mobile sites, non-user friendly navigation and non-personalized campaigns targeted at them.

Why mCommerce on Magento 2 is great?

In the changing eCommerce scenario, even Google is laying more emphasis on mobile friendliness. It is imperative that all websites should be mobile optimized and user friendly. Taking the changing times into account the most of the eCommerce platforms like Woocommerce, Shopify and Joomla have upped their ante. But Magento 2 clearly stands amongst the crowd due to the following features.

  • Upgraded Customization stack 

    Magento 2 predecessor had a distinct quality of being highly technical and developer oriented. It was known for not being too friendly to an average eCommerce administrator. All this has changed with Magento 2 which is very user friendly and can be easily optimized for mobile friendliness.
    Magento 2 uses PHP versions 5.5 and 5.6 which makes the coding process relatively easier. The APIs of Magento 2 can even be easily integrated with the crucial backend systems such as ERP and CRM. This makes Magento 2 not only mCommerce optimized but even extends the connected eCommerce functionality to mobile.

  • Easier customization process 

    Magento 2 is taking customizing the theme a few notches higher. Magento 2 allows the business to tweak the theme in an easy and quick way to suit their needs.
    The modularized version of Magento 2 enables to customize the search functions in a much better way suiting the desktop and mobile versions of the site. The functionality of omni channel optimization is solved due to this aspect of Magento 2.

  • Advance Caching of Magento 2 

    Magento 2 takes care of the web caching, which drastically increases the page load time. Even if there are connectivity issues retrieving the pages is made easy with Magento 2 optimizing the performance on a mobile site too.
    In the previous version of Magento full caching capabilities were available only for Magento enterprise edition. But in Magento 2 this feature is available for all level of users. Availability of full support for Varnish Full cache is another great break for businesses looking for a fully optimized desktop and mobile presence.

  • Great Admin Panel 

    Magento 2 boasts a great and user-friendly admin panel, which is way better than its predecessor. The admin panel of Magento 2 is less cluttered. One small example of it is grouping e-mail and promotions in a separate category called Marketing.
    The facility to add products and manage them is easier and made shorter in Magento 2. Magento 2 has even reduced the dependability on third party extension to ensure functions like recently viewed products.
    All these features are made to fit perfectly even on a mobile interface which gives the business owners the ease of managing their store even on the go.

  • Great Marketing features  

    Magento 2 has taken care of the 2 main elements which is essential for marketing i.e expanding the marketing reach and getting customers to spend more. Some of the features that make Magento 2 a great marketing platform are ability to share an email and creating wish lists which captivates the shoppers attention. The provision to display user generated reviews, personalized pricing and promotion tools and in built SEO helps your business capture your target audience.
    Drag and drop options is available in Magento 2 which only makes visual marketing more easier, irrespective of mobile or desktop presence. This feature is few notches higher than its predecessor Magento 1 and helps you develop themes suiting your brand on the go.


These features of the all new Magento 2 solves the problems which is plaguing mCommerce i.e improper mobile optimization, failure to repeat the desktop features on mobile and no scope for personalized marketing features. mCommerce is a vital part of your eCommerce strategy and not be treated like a vestige.
We have implemented and developed Magento 2 mobile optimized solutions with perfect omnichannel strategy for several businesses in various domains. If you are looking to take your eCommerce strategy to the next level contact us at


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