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July 3, 2013

Interactive Selling Options Can
Boost Your Magento Online Sales

Author Luke Walker
Interactive selling options:
As you build your Magento Store, you have a lot of options to consider. One of the most important elements you need to build into your store is interactive selling options that can boost the online sales.

When customers visit your online store, an interactive experience can encourage them to purchase more items and will provide them with the level of customer service they expect. Interactive selling gives your Online Store tools that offer sales assistance and advisement to all your customers. These factors will encourage long-term relationships with your customers.

Cross Selling
Your customers often come to your site with a particular need, searching for certain products. This isn’t to say they won’t buy more, though. This idea is similar to the positioning of candy and magazines in the grocery store checkout aisle.

Cross selling works by evaluating the items that are in the customer’s shopping cart when they checkout and then suggests other items in which they may be interested in, encouraging them to buy more, which means higher sales for your business. Giving your customers easy access to similar or related items often leads to impulse buys, increasing the sales power of your Magento store.
Up Selling
It is your job to show your customers how valuable your products are and why they should buy them from you. This is why Magento users need to find ways to add value to their products through up selling tools.

Implementing informative videos on your product pages and using other experiential software with your Magento Store will show customers the quality of your products and their benefits. You can also utilize up selling by grouping together products your customers typically buy together at a discounted rate. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages your customers to buy more items.

Product Recommendations
Customers don’t always know exactly what they want, which is why Magento users need to create product recommendations.

Adding guided selling tools and software allows you to customize the recommendations your customers will receive as they browse through your online store. The unique features that are available through this software gives your customers a personalized shopping experience they will enjoy. With robust search features, customers can easily find exactly what they want quickly and efficiently, along with other recommendations of products that might interest them.

Product Comparison
Most people like to look at the big picture before buying a product. They want to know what individual products offer, how much they cost and how they compare to other similar products.

Your Magento store needs to offer product comparison tools that allow your customers to view two or more similar items to determine which one will best meet their needs. Offering the ability to compare products easily will ensure your customers stay on your site instead of wandering away to find the product information they need.

All customers love a great deal when they find one. You can increase your customer loyalty and bring in new customers when you offer personalized promotions that match their shopping styles.

With Magento, you are able to implement promotion programs that look at a customer’s buying trends and tailor a special promotion to meet their needs. When you offer the personalized experience customers desire, they are more likely to turn to you to meet more of their needs.
Interactive selling options are a critical aspect to meet the needs of customers with your Magento store. The most common place to use these interactive features is on the product pages, as well as at the beginning of the shopping cart process. You may also use some of these tactics in emails that are sent out after a customer makes a purchase. Whether you are a B2B or a B2C business, you need to move your focus to tailoring the customer experience to their needs.
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