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Reimaging yours business with magento
integrated eCommerce

Deliver business value by staying competitive with an integrated solution. power streamlined operations and data-driven insights

Make your business future-ready with i95Dev’s

Magento – ERP integration

Streamline your business processes with our integrated eCommerce solution, powered by Magento.
The integrated ERP delivers enhanced CX and operational excellence across
the entire value chain through a next-generation eCommerce store.

Run your business your way

Real-time insights

Strategic business decisions are driven by real-time data. Actionable insights allow you to understand current market trends and evolving customer expectations.

Reduced TCO

Real-time data available through the integrated system provides end-to-end visibility from order status to inventory. This significantly cuts down operational costs with reduced manual errors.

Improved productivity

Integrated systems streamline business processes through automation, reducing human errors. ERP, when integrated with the eCommerce platform, enables real-time tracking of the order. This reduces the turnaround time allowing orders to reach your customers faster and more efficiently.

Decreased inventory cost

The integrated platform allows for a unified viewing of all web-based deals updating the inventory in real-time. This allows the customer to devise the buy legitimately, thereby diminishing stock expenses by leveraging real-time data.

Improved CX

With improved efficiency and a simplified interface, an integrated ERP rises to meet the evolving needs of the customer providing a seamless customer experience.

End-to-end visibility

An integrated ERP will connect your front-end and back-end seamlessly allowing for better communication and awareness. With real-time data, maintaining relevance in today’s market is made possible.


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Case Study

Gourmet Egypt, a leading food retailer, streamlined its business processes and incorporated customer-specific requirements with i95Dev’s Magento 2 migration solutions. Gourmet Egypt integrated the Magento e-commerce store and the Dynamics RMS system to optimize operational efficiency and drive customer experience

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How i95Dev can help you scale-up?

  1. Maximized sales
  2. Streamlined Processing
  3. Faster GTM
  4. Better Business Integrations
  5. Enhanced Business Process Efficiency
  6. Reduced TCO
  7. Higher focus on core business
  8. Future-ready technology

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