June 18, 2019

Magento 2 & Dynamics F&O
– Building a Future-Ready Online Store

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Businesses expanding to eCommerce are growing at a rapid pace. With a rising number of end consumers preferring to shop from within the confines of their home, without going to physical stores, eCommerce stores should be ready to keep accelerating at a high rate. However, with growth comes a test to incorporate new processes in eCommerce for these organizations to remain focused. The following are tips that eCommerce organizations can make their stores future-ready to pull in more business.

Choosing a suitable eCommerce site platform is extremely important to take your business forward. Each platform is quite different from others, therefore weighing the pros and cons of each, is important.

Let’s take a look at the pointers that help you pick your eCommerce development platform:

  • Fast and Easy Development: An eCommerce platform must provide fast and hassle-free development, which reduces operational costs, and furthermore enables you to begin selling quickly.
  • Expertise: Your eCommerce development company should have experience working for a diverse set of customers and industry verticals. This improves their capability in this field and helps in finding the best solutions.
  • Future Ready Technology: eCommerce development firm should be updated with the latest trends in eCommerce domain with regard to innovation and give services that give an edge over competitors.
  • Extensive Solutions: A great eCommerce platform should give comprehensive solutions that eliminate the pain of finding and coordinating external integrations.
  • Reasonable Pricing: An eCommerce development party that gives affordable yet useful eCommerce services is helpful for any business.

Build your Store with Magento

Pros of building a Magento store are:

  1. 100% control over your store: With Magento, brands have unlimited authority over their very own online business store. The store can be heavily customized as the code is available for customization.
  2. Make better brand engagements: Magento 2 gives you the flexibility to effectively manage your customer’s experience. It gives the flexibility to build an experience based on custom logic, making their experience so much better.
  3. Useful insights: Make use of your information further with powerful insights that help you perceive how business is doing so you can design and streamline.

Magento is best suitable for:

  1. Brands are focused on building a niche online brand
  2. Organizations that require an increasingly dynamic eCommerce platform for their custom needs
  3. Magento is great for brands that are prepared to build omnichannel

However, simply having a Magento Store isn’t sufficient. You have to integrate it with a productive ERP framework to keep all customer-related data in a single platform.

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Stay Ahead with Dynamics F&O Magento integration

You need a Dynamics 365 integration solution that is a secure, versatile, and proficient method for bringing together eCommerce and Dynamics F&O. It consolidates the adaptability and insight of Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the flexibility and features of Magento, driving operational proficiency, and unparalleled customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O opens up plenty of new abilities for every eCommerce store pushing your business to a completely new dimension. Along these lines, the Magento 2 Dynamics F&O integration presents an extremely appealing opportunity.

Let’s dive deeper into each core application offered by this Magento 2 Dynamics F&O integration-

  • Sales Improvement – Magento 2 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration gives complete control of your information about customers, the fulfillment of customer requirements, and thus increases the chances of generating leads.
  • Built for Retail – Magento 2 Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration gives the capability that each eCommerce vendor needs: an application that binds together your online, in-store, and back office routine, providing a customized shopping experience.
  • Customer Service Improvement – Dynamics F&O Magento integration helps build process to enhance your store’s after sales service. The application brings together both the applications and helps agents to give more personalization for customers.
  • Effective Field Service Planning – Magento 2 Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration creates opportunities such as predictive planning, proactive support, and first-time fix.
  • Effective Marketing – Marketing plays a vital role in bringing in new customers and retaining the existing ones. Dynamics F&O Magento 2 integration will allow details like customer data, their order history, etc., back and from the two systems. This enables the build of ultra-customized marketing campaigns.

Benefits of Dynamics F&O Magento Integration

  • Increase Customers
    Magento 2 Dynamics F&O integration gives you a system that you can use to get a 360-degree perspective on your customers, engage with them over channels, and give consistent customer experience – at the end of the day, drive the omnichannel experience.
  • Empower Employees
    Dynamics F&O Magento integration gives your agents access to information that was already not accessible or was too complex to even consider accessing for data-driven decision-making and activity.
  • Enhance Operations
    Magento 2 Dynamics F&O integration will enable you to streamline business processes and eliminate manual data entry, reducing errors, saving costs, and improving operational efficiency and employee productivity.

Improve Products and Grow Business

The increase in efficiency after Dynamics F&O Magento integration will enable you to concentrate on the main thing to your business – your products and customers. You would now be able to dedicate more time and money in developing your products and improving customer experience. Contact us to know more about D365 Magento 2 Connect.

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