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April 16, 2019

How to grow your business with
Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

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Technology is a game changer in every field today, the transactions, detailing, processes, etc. have become smoother, easier, and efficient. The key to a successful business is harmonious communication between the various systems in an ecosystem. Enterprise Resource Planning is one such system that provides a flawless experience when chosen cautiously. If you are searching the market for perfect ERP for your business then do not proceed without considering the growth aspects of it. Remember, any technology is worth investing in if the outcomes are directly aligned with the future aspects of the company and the growth of an enterprise would not be hindering. Having said that, for your Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is one of the best platforms in the market today. However, before settling for one, let us unfold its benefits to any organization.

Dynamics Financials and Operations has the technical comprehensiveness to provide the business with an end-to-end absolute solution under one cloud-based application – sales, purchase order, inventory, finances, production, supply chain, and distribution. Having one sure shot solution to every step in business under one umbrella is incredible.

Following are some pointers that will help you to understand why Dynamics 365 is for your business and what fruitful results it can deliver in terms of business expansion and scalability!

Productivity Enhancement:

The core of any business is productivity! We are living in a world where technology speaks for itself and Dynamics AX provides the business with a different multi-stage and infinite accessibility solution. Regardless of where you are and what device you are using, it provides the business the advantage of accessing it from anywhere and everywhere. Being a new generation ERP, it comes with a superior set of tools helpful to understand customer behavior and their buying patterns.

Handle the Growth:

Many firms have realized that their needs are beyond the gates of QuickBooks or even larger ERPs. Companies having great hindsight know that growth is one such element in the business that never changes; only the graph of it increases. If you know which ERP solution to choose and integrate with your business then everything in business becomes seamless. Companies can easily analyze new markets and potentials and prepare consolidated reports and mergers into one. Look for Dynamics 365 if you want to switch from a smaller ERP to Dynamics 365.

Easier Analysis of Consumer Behaviour:

As mentioned above, understanding what your workforce needs and then giving them that is easier said than done! You will require additional manpower subject to what they infer out of the technology you are providing – the productivity of the business will be depending a lot on how well the system and the manpower harmonize. However, for sheer productivity, only a robust technology integration is what you need – “Dynamics AX with the eStore platform”.  This not just improves your business but also makes it easier for your team to understand your customer behavior and roll out innovative ways of customer retention.

Integrated Solution:

The business ecosystem in any enterprise is a large grid of various systems and technology. Integration systems enable the smooth co-existence of all these systems. Usually, sales, operations, marketing teams use disparate systems. However, Dynamics 365 for e-commerce can unify this data and remove any bottlenecks as well. The user has a dashboard-style reporting solution within the application regardless of the department he is in – marketing, sales, product service, etc. Hence, it is a great solution for companies that are looking for one integrated solution that synchronizes their entire system.

Boundless Business Solution:

Dynamics 365 for finance and operations is not just limited to customer, production, marketing, and sales. It also delivers additional benefits when linked with complementary tools like shipping and inventory. Companies whose horizon is broader than others and require professional services, procurement, warehouse management, and asset management for them it is great technology available in the market. There is no technology till date other than this that can provide a boundless solution to enterprises, all through the cloud.

Cloud Computing:

Dynamics 365 is a solution for companies that understand the advantage of cloud computing. If you are a company that uses Cloud or you are now making the move, in both the cases Dynamics 365 is a great solution for you as it is built while keeping Cloud software in mind. It is a perfect fit for organizations whose systems can never go down due to technical glitches.

Real-Time Data Sharing:

Companies and its employees can achieve wonders if real-time data can be leveraged upon to build the user experience. This will definitely assist the companies to manage demand based on the real-time data. A business can easily be able to forecast its sales and can have a specific idea of finances and the cash flow needed or generated. ERP for e-commerce is an innovation, which opens the gates to new sales opportunities by reading the customers and understanding what they need.

Here is the crux of the advantages of Dynamics 365 application to your business:

  • It is highly customizable
  • Price-friendly solutions for IT requirements
  • Increasing efficiency and provides 360-degree business transformation
  • Access of all sites and warehouses
  • Creating your ideal manufacturing mix
  • Improve product service and quality by accessing real-time information

To manage your business and customer, Dynamics finance and operation is the perfect solution available in the market today and when chosen wisely, this software can deliver valuable outcomes for the near future. Chance is the essence of growth. If upgradation is not an integral part of the business then future growth cannot be achieved and everything in the system becomes stagnant. i95Dev provides enterprises with a scalable and robust platform to integrate Magento and Dynamics 365. Contact us to know more about how we can help you grow!

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