July 31, 2018

5 Reasons to Migrate
to Magento 2

Author Vikas Sankla
Category Blog | Magento 2.0 |
It is safe to assume ‘Magento 2’ should be your next logical step for a growing eCommerce player. The breakneck speed with which eCommerce is evolving is amazing.

Sample some of these facts that would rest our case.

– 44% of online shoppers tell others when they have a bad experience with a website. (source: Akamai)
– B2B e-commerce sales would outgrow B2C and reach 6.7 trillion USD by 2020. (CMS connected)
– Mobile commerce accounts for 31% of the total e-commerce sales and it is only bound to grow. (getrevue)
– 94% of buyers do their research online and making your brand stand out is a must. (Future of Commerce)
– 85% of customers begin their search on a device and end up purchasing on other device. This shows the importance of Omnichannel strategy. (thinkwithgoogle.com)
– Multi-channel shoppers spend 3 times more time than single-channel shoppers. (invespcro)
– Amazon generates 35% of its revenue through cross-selling and upselling tactics. (forbes)
– By 2020, personalization will increase e-commerce profits by 15%. (Gartner)
These are some of the amazing statistics that hold true to the way e-commerce is charting its own course.
Check out some of the many reasons to migrate to Magento 2 right away. If you are looking for specific steps to follow when you migrate to Magento 2, read our blog.

    • Better integration with external extensions
      Magento’s open source nature is its biggest factor in eCommerce domination. Now with Magento 2 it has only gotten better. Magento2 on advanced PHP and Zend framework. There are well-defined APIs of Magento 2 that aid with integration with extensions.

      Customizing Magento 2 and integrating it with third-party modules is much easier. This gives your eCommerce store the ability to scale and add functionality through modules.

      Integration with popular extensions like Paypal, Amazon Pay, eBay, Temando is easier with Magento 2.

    • Improved Performance
      There is a marked improvement in the performance of Magento 2 platform. You can create a test environment in the form of a toolkit. You can index users for efficiency. You can manage price and product catalogs in an organized way. Many admins at different levels manage the store from the admin panel.

      Advance full page caching by working with varnish cache, which reduces page load time. These are some of the many performance improvements we can see in Magento 2.

      These points improve the performance and user experience your website.

    • Advanced technology stack
      The technology stack used by Magento 2 has improved from its predecessor. Magento 2 uses PHP 5.5 and 5.6 by default with support for PHP 7 as well. This allows for a cleaner and faster code implementation.

      HTML 5, Zend Frame 1 and 2, Composer, CSS, and LESS are some of the major additions in Magento 2 technology stack.

    • Better admin interface
      The admin interface of Magento 2 helps reduce the time taken to manage your eCommerce store. Like its predecessor, Magento 2 is user-friendly and is easy to learn for new team members.

      Magento 2 had a revamp and now has a drag and drop layout editing option. Admin panel with multi-level user access makes product management, customer data handling, and orders very easy.

      Magento 2 is now a platform which combines coder’s delight with ease of operation for others.

    • Providing great experience to your shoppers
      As stated the current crop of online shoppers needs a great shopping experience from the website. This includes uniformity across the channels and the same user experience across platforms. In short, they want a personalized and omnichannel experience.

      This is exactly what Magento 2 gives your brand. It can deliver engaging and personalized across any device. The responsive themes of Magento make creating sites that can support sales anywhere and anytime easy.

      Detailed product descriptions, video URL’s, easy checkout and single click account creation only improves your customer experience. This is what Magento 2 gives your business exactly.


Migration to Magento 2 is a critical aspect of a growing eCommerce player. The latest version of Magento bring-in a bunch of new features. An online store can leverage these features to scale with minimum challenges. However, your partner (Magento agency) plays a critical role in including these features in your business process. Our team with deep experience can help you build this into your process. For more information, mail us at info@i95Dev.com.

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