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January 3, 2013

Take your Sales on the Road with
Microsoft Dynamics GP Mobile Sales Solution

Author Jeremy Meyer
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Working on the road requires a great deal of mobility. In years past, sales personnel had to rely on their staff inside the office to gather the information they needed while out on the road. This created the need for many phone calls, incredible organization and the reliance on a large number of people. It also created a great deal of inefficiencies and inaccuracies for businesses of all sizes. One small mistake by a salesperson or staff member and the entire system could suffer. Customer satisfaction waivered and the job of the salesperson was made difficult.

Today’s Solution
Today, there is a solution to end the inefficiencies, inaccuracies and lack in productivity. Microsoft Dynamics GP Mobile Sales Solution offers sales personnel everything they need at the touch of their fingers. There is no need for pen and paper and back and forth phone calls between your staff and your customers. With the touch of a few buttons, you can have all the answers to your questions, including customer information, sales information, inventory levels and pricing. It can all be right there with you on your iPhone, iPad or Android or any other tablets, wherever you go.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Mobile Sales Solution is feature-rich, enabling sales personnel to realize greater customer satisfaction, higher productivity and less reliance on anyone else. All systems are updated in real-time to ensure you always have the latest information.

  • Sales Person Module: The complete sales person module on GP mimics that of the module found in Magento, enabling sales personnel to access all documents wherever they are
  • Sales Quote Module: Enables sales personnel to create sales quotes wherever they are, even while with the customer right from their tablets
  • Inventory Look-up Module: Always have accurate inventory levels at your fingertips to avoid overselling
  • Customer Look-up: Enables sales personnel to always have their customer database on hand, bringing up their information within seconds
  • Large Volume: The mobile solution can handle more than 100,000 records at a time
  • Customizations: It’s easy to customize the solution to fit your exact needs
  • User Friendly: The mobile sales solution works right out of the box, making it possible to use right away without extensive training or a large learning curve

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Mobile Sales Solution is the wave of the future. It gives sales personnel an entirely new way to do their job with greater efficiency and productivity. It can reduce many headaches and problems salespeople and businesses currently suffer, simply by having your information at the tip of your fingers.
If you would like more information about how the Microsoft Dynamics GP Mobile Sales Solution can benefit your company, feel free to visit our product page or call 301-760-7499

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