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December 27, 2012

The Future of Microsoft
Dynamics GP 2013

Author Archana Yenna
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Microsoft has released the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 just in time for the holidays. This latest version offers the introduction of the GP web client, includes more than 125 enhancements and increases the benefits of the integrations Dynamics GP and Microsoft stack contain.

A Strong Foundation
The new Microsoft Dynamics GP showcases a strong foundation that can be used by any client running Internet Explorer. Users of the new Dynamics GP will realize faster implementation, new functions for applications and many choices for consumers to determine how to deploy and access their solution. The most powerful addition to Dynamics GP is the introduction of the web client. This latest advancement should make the usability of Dynamics GP much simpler, especially for those clients who only use the financial portion of the program.

Users of Microsoft Dynamics GP will realize the same incredible power that is required for technical operations, as well as enhancements for those operating on premises or in-the-cloud. The pricing model is user friendly and includes rapid start tools for quick implementation.

  1. Multi-Tenancy: One SQL Server can now host multiple client installations through the renaming of the Dynamics database for each client.
  2. Unique Contact Names: The confusion regarding unique contact names that differ from the purchasing customer is eliminated with the ability to use a unique contact name per ship-to-address on the customer card.
  3. Prepayment: Prepayment of purchase orders is now allowed, whether in part or whole, and can be accessed on the Purchase Order Processing set-up page.
  4. Business Intelligent Improvements: All GP Report Writer reports can be shared through Microsoft Word to allow easy CRM integration.
  5. Cloud-Based: Currently, the Financials and Distribution aspects of Dynamics GP 2013 are able to be accessed in the cloud. By December 2013, all applications will be accessible, including HR/Payroll, Project, Field Service and Manufacturing.
  6. Management Report Viewer: All management reports are accessible in-the-cloud, enabling all users to not only view them but also leave time-stamped comments.
  7. Visual Studio: The Visual Studio Toolkit will also be available in the cloud for further enhancements.
  8. Consolidated Invoicing: Customers can now receive one invoice for multiple orders.
  9. Ledger Reconciliation: Ledger reconciliation has been expanded to include the inventory sub-ledger and bank reconciliation model to make your month-end close a seamless process.
  10. Reverse Depreciation: The ability to reverse journal entries eliminates the need to restore a back-up when mistake entries are made.
  11. Dex to Web: All 3rd party solutions, including customizations, will be available in-the-cloud, including all Dexterity code.
  12. Document Attachment: The ability to attach documents to purchase orders is now available, increasing the user-friendliness and customer service of your clients.
  13. Unique Experience: Users can make their experience as unique as they desire by configuring their own work space. The experience will be the same, regardless of the machine used to log in to their account.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 promises to enhance productivity and instill a feeling of teamwork throughout the company. With everyone on the same page and the new user-friendly enhancements of the applications, you and your team will realize greater capabilities that enable you to work better and faster and provide a more enhanced customer experience.

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