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December 31, 2012

Try the Latest Free-Trial Version of the
RMS Hosted Solution from i95Dev

Author Victor Achilles
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i95Dev is proud to announce its release of the Hosted RMS Solution. This latest development is meant to help you reduce the amount of labor it takes to maintain Magento and Dynamics RMS independently. This will help your business reduce its costs and increase profits at the same time.

Problem Solver
When you use i95Dev’s RMS Solution, you will have a plausible solution for the following problems:

  • Reduce the redundancy of information that needs to be entered into both systems
  • Reduce the labor costs involved in running two separate systems
  • Eliminate the delay in order processing
  • Automate the inventory updates in both systems

Users can create their own customized theme and use their own plug-ins to make the Hosted RMS Solution exactly what their business needs. Our developers ensured this solution would support all Magento customizations.

Trial Version
For a limited time, i95Dev is offering a free trial of the Hosted RMS Solution so you can see how it will benefit your business. You will experience real-time integration of Magento with Dynamics RMS, allowing you to not only decrease labor usage but also any delays in order processing and the labor involved in processing an order. With automatically updated inventory, you will eliminate back orders and any other complications managing two systems involve.

Additional Benefits
In addition to the above benefits, you will also realize a tracking facility for in-store customers and lower costs for your RMS licensing along with the following benefits:

  1. Magento to RMS Customer Creation/ Update
  2. Magento to RMS Order Creation
  3. RMS to Magento Inventory
  4. 10 Customers from RMS to Magento
  5. 10 Products From RMS to Magento

Overall, you will realize increased customer satisfaction, productivity and profits along with decreased labor usage.

Instructions to Download

  1. Register on
  2. Download RMS Trial Software from
  3. This Software will work for 15 days.
  4. i95Dev will provide the Hosted Magento login details by Email.
  5. Customer can Install the RMS Trial software on their RMS server
  6. Login to Magento Admin and see the Products/ Customers Sync to Magento from RMS
  7. Any Orders/Customers Placed on this Hosted Magento will be send to RMS in Real Time.

To learn more about how our free trial version of the Hosted RMS Solution can help your business, visit product page or contact the i95Dev professionals at 1-301-760-7499 .

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