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May 5, 2020

The What, Why and How of
Headless Commerce Explained

Author i95Dev Admin

Headless commerce is amongst the top trends expected to power the e-commerce industry in the near future. The headless website architecture pledges to provide better customer experience, easy customizations, and integrations in the race of e-commerce today. It has not only proven to be creating an impact on the B2C businesses but also promises countless benefits to the B2B industry as well.

The blog will help you have a better understanding of headless commerce, why it is so important, and how it affects your business.

Below are the what, why, and how answered of the headless commerce:

What is headless commerce?
In simple words, headless commerce means partition between the front-end and the back-end of an e-commerce platform so that they can function independently. The headless commerce architecture separates them in such a manner that if changes are made on the back-end do not need simultaneous changes on the front-end. All the communication between the two distinct ends takes place through the API’s and communication tools.

It is exactly opposite to the traditional commerce platforms where both front and the back-ends are tangled to each other. That means if there are requirements for any type of customizations or features to be added newly, there have to be changes made to both the ends. In such cases, headless commerce architecture allows the front-end changes to be made in no time as this does not require back-end modifications at all.

Why headless commerce is so important?
Below are the reasons why headless commerce has become important and why it is termed to be the future of e-commerce.

As technology has evolved over the years, there have been numerous changes in the way people shop and expect form an e-commerce website. In the traditional commerce era, business used to happen only from desktop however, today is the world of mobile commerce and personalization.

User experience across platforms
To sustain in the over-competitive e-commerce business the only way is to stay updated with the technology and provide the best user experience. So to make that possible, you need to have your brand’s presence on all the devices possible. While just having your presence is not enough but providing a similar kind of experience across platforms is essential.

Headless commerce is the best solution for anyone who wishes to deliver the best user experience across all platforms without spending more time and effort.

B2B E-commerce
There are plenty of B2B businesses that already have their websites however are not into e-commerce but wish to do so. These websites are loaded with content in their content management systems. In such cases, moving to e-commerce with the help of headless commerce becomes a very easy task as the integration between the CMS and e-commerce website becomes seamless. The already existing product content can be used at its best without wasting time and energy, unlike the traditional method.

Flexibility and speed
Headless commerce gives you the flexibility to cope up with the modern consumer demands. Customers today expect more and more from the online shopping capabilities with complex transactions. The headless commerce separate architecture allows you to provide the best to your customers on the front-end without really making changes to the back-end. For example, if you wish to run a seasonal offer on your website, all you have to do is make the necessary updates on the customer-facing end without the help of your developers or IT team. While all the updates you make reflect in real-time and you don’t have to wait for hours to see it updated.

How headless commerce affects your business:

Go Omnichannel with headless commerce
Omnichannel is the buzz word in e-commerce today. Gone are the days where the majority of the traffic to websites came from desktops where sales were simple. However, over the period as the technology evolved to satisfy the growing customer expectations. Headless commerce makes businesses simple by allowing the changes made to the front or backend to reflect in real-time and with similar user experience on all devices.

Customizations and personalization made easy
Headless commerce makes customizations and personalization easy like never before. In traditional commerce platforms, customizations to be made for specific customers was a big task as that required an equal amount of changes to be made to the customer-facing layer of the website and the logical backend. With the help of headless commerce, these types of tasks are simpler to create with its separate architecture.

Effortless integrations
Headless commerce allows you to make effortless integrations and communication across all other platforms. You can expand your brand’s reach by adding it to any new device within hours without spending more time and effort.

Minimized dependency
Traditionally the front-end website changes were routed through the IT teams. The headless commerce architecture allows non-developers to make the necessary changes to the front-end on their own while not having to raise tickets with the IT teams. The legacy process takes a lot of time and effort leading to the delay in getting the actual work done in time and involving too many resources.

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