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July 31, 2013

Why Are Private Sales So Engaging?
– Offer special deals to Customers

Author Jeremy Meyer
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Private sales, the new and exciting feature in Magento Enterprise Edition

Private sales are a different type of online marketing that can change the way you do business online. With Private sales, you can offer special deals to a select group of customers for a limited time and enhance customer loyalty.
Merchants can now use this feature to provide members-only specials, create a private sale website, or B2B sites. Private sales also offer communication channels that allow your customers to share their excitement with their social circles through social media. However, managing the exclusive merchandise that is involved with these sales can be difficult without the right tools. You need to use the best tools available to manage your supply chain and create the timeframes necessary to complete these private sales successfully.

Private Sales

Private sales functionality includes the following:
Invitation – Send out email invitations that contain a link that leads customers directly to the private sales page. You can even restrict access to this page to only those who receive an invitation.

Events – Create sales with a specific start and end date. Customers can only add specified items to the cart during those dates.

Private Sales Are Driven by Several Important Factors

Private sales are set up so customers must receive an invitation and must be sponsored to be eligible. This makes customers feel special and important to your business. Personalizing your business to each customer builds customer loyalty.
These sales are driven by:

  • Customer Behavior – Make your private sale appealing and easy to understand so customers don’t mind taking time out of their already busy lives to check out your sale.
  • Offering the Best – Customers expect only your best products to be highlighted in a private sale. A private sale can offer your best items that may not be available at a discount otherwise.
  • Prompt Purchases – Private sales are only available for a limited time, prompting customers to act quickly. Customers are excited and thrilled with the prospect of getting a good deal; the timeliness of the sale makes it even more exciting.

Enjoy These Features Available with Private Sales

Private sales offer the following features:

  • Limit access to these sales to approved customers.
  • Allow consumers to access the store but limit what they can see and where they can go within categories, based on customer groups.
  • Offer the ability to see special pricing and shopping buttons for specified groups of customers.
  • Specify landing pages for private sales visitors.

Why Should You Engage Your Customers with Private Sales?

Business owners, retailers and merchants can increase their customer base with the help of these private sales, potentially doubling their number of customers. Before you launch one of these sales, though, it is important to research what your competition is doing and evaluate what is happening in your industry. The proper use of private sales can drastically increase traffic to your site and help you sell products.
At i95Dev, our experts are experienced in setting up and implementing private sales with Magento Enterprise. The community version of this online storefront can be customized by our expert team as well. It doesn’t matter if you are using Magento Enterprise or the community version, this important tool is highly recommended to maximize your sales and increase customer loyalty, building a new customer base and pleasing your current customers. i95Dev is a Next Generation eCommerce Company that knows how to make your ecommerce store climb the ladder of success.

Contact us today for more tips on implementing private sales!

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