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November 22, 2013

Your ERP could
be Hurting You !

Author Archana Yenna
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It’s not enough to merely tread water in today’s business climate. Customer expectations have reached dizzying heights while globalization, regulation and rapidly fluctuating economies are a double-edged sword of opportunity and uncertainty. Efficiency, simplicity and agility are the three ideals a business hopes to embody to address its customers’ needs and optimize its operations.

ERP systems, when designed and integrated properly, will help you achieve those ideals. The next generation of ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX, has arrived and if your business has not upgraded, it will become increasingly difficult to remain competitive. Here’s why:

1. Innovation vs. Maintenance

IT departments focused on continuous innovation rather than maintenance regularly measure the alignment of an ERP system with the ever-changing demands of the business climate. Analysts from Forrester and Gartner have concluded that maintenance costs range from 50% to 90%+ of the typical organization’s IT budget. These costs, which are largely related to the patching and makeshift repairs of an older system, often outweigh those from a strategy of continuous innovation.

2. Keeping up With Evolving Tech

Frequent changes in regulations for data protection, financial guidelines and information security require an ERP designed with these in mind. It becomes extremely difficult for older ERP systems to survive with such changes as they require time-consuming patches or additional manual procedures. Moreover, an outdated ERP is unable to react and take advantage of rapid change and lacks the agility that is essential in online business.

3. Mobile is the Future

The future belongs to the next generation of powerful mobile devices offering web access regardless of place and time. Forrester reports that up to 50% of businesses will increase the number of mobile applications available to employees, customers or partners as part of their latest IT priorities. An outdated ERP will not be able to meet the demands of such technology, creating operational inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction.

4. Real-Time Business Reports

An informed business decision is only as good as the information on which it is based. Slow reporting by an aging ERP system forces organizations to manually generate reports and create budget or forecast spreadsheets. The latest ERP systems feature real-time business intelligence and analytics that provides the organization access to key performance indicators.

5. Customers Won’t Wait

Customers and suppliers are no longer content to wait on the phone to check an order. They want to get their online, updated order status immediately and judge today’s business by how responsive and easily accessible it is. If the operation is not properly interconnected with customers, suppliers and employees – as yesterday’s ERPs are not – retrieving real time information is impossible.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Is the Remedy

As one of the most trusted names in enterprise business software, Microsoft Dynamics AX has leveraged decades of development experience and real-world trouble-shooting to produce the latest version of AX. This next-generation ERP enables its users to remain on top of the latest technological advances in financial reporting, business information/analytics, mobile device access and customer service, while simultaneously introducing operational efficiencies.
If your aging ERP solution is unable to keep up with the ever-changing demands of modern business, please feel free to contact us at give us a call at 301-760-7499.


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