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Pave the Way to Success with Omni-Channel Retailing

Omni Channel RetailingThe surge in modern technology raises the bar for retailers. It is no longer acceptable to simply have a physical retail store. Retailers need to participate in Omni-Channel Retailing to stay afloat in today’s economy.
This whitepaper brings to you:

  • The Basics of Omni-Channel Retailing
  • Why Omni-Channel Retailing is Essential
  • Changing How Consumers Shop One Tablet at a Time
  • Mobile Shopping – the Wave of the Future.
  • Social Commerce – Shopping with the Community
  • Putting it All Together with a Seamless Integrated Approach

Magento Commerce Integration with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains

Magento Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GPIf you are struggling with back-end management of your business while looking for better ecommerce solutions that would give you the ROI you expect, you are a business owner in need of two things: an effective ERP system integrated and a manageable ecommerce system
This whitepaper brings to you:

  • The Challenges of Managing a Mid-sized Business
  • Making Back-end Management Easy with ERP
  • Boosting Sales with Magento Commerce
  • The Need for Integration
  • Why You Need i95Dev Magento GP Connect

Making the Most of Social Commerce

Social Commerce Solutions for RetailSocial commerce is truly about the people, not the technology. There are no set rules on how to use social commerce for your benefit but getting some support through the process is a great idea.
This whitepaper brings to you:

  • Introduction to Social Commerce
  • Social Commerce Benefits for Retailers
  • What Is It about Social Media?
  • Using Social Media to Sell
  • Problems with Social Media Marketing

Mobile Commerce Growing Off the Charts

Mobile Commerce Solutions for RetailThe market of mobile commerce is growing at a larger rate than most can comprehend. Staying ahead of the changes is one of the best ways to profit from this exchange.
This whitepaper brings to you:

  • Introduction to Mobile Commerce
  • Phone Capabilities and Technology on the Rise
  • It’s All about Convenience
  • Why Apps Are Working
  • Advertising Adapts

Real-Time Integration that Retailers Can Rely On

Real Time System IntegrationKeeping shoppers happy is hard enough when the web store is not organized and easy to add to. Magento Ecommerce with Microsoft Dynamics RMS integration has the potential to take retail businesses to the next level and help them reach beyond what was possible before.
This whitepaper brings to you:

  • Ecommerce is “the” way to shop
  • Why Retailers are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their e-store
  • How to Keep shoppers happy
  • How real-time communication between front-end and back-end system is made easy

The Importance of Customer-Centric Retailing

Customer Centric RetailingAs retail continues to evolve with society changes, making the transition from traditional retailing to Customer-Centric Retailing is becoming extremely important, especially if they want to continue to have great sales and possibly boost them.
This whitepaper brings to you:

  • Introduction to Customer-Centric Retailing
  • Transition of Retailing
  • Importance of Customer-Centric Information
  • What Problems Transition of Retail Presents
  • Leveraging Possibilities that Retailers Have