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customer centric

The Ultimate Guide
To Customer-Centric Retailing

Performance and growth of a brand pivots around a single focal point called customer experience. The traditional approaches to sales strategies are fast losing ground with a steady shift to customer-centric retailing.

Now keeping pace with this transitional phase in retail can be a complex task since the entire exercise is based on behavioral aspects. Brands have evolved with the change and begun directing efforts towards customer loyalty, which is now critical to increase sales and revenues.

With the following whitepaper, we attempt to help businesses understand this emerging trend and how it can be leveraged to impact sales and revenues.

Here’s a glimpse of what we cover in this whitepaper-

point-image Introduction to customer-centric retailing and its importance
point-image Transition of retailing and the subsequent impact on retailers
point-image Benefits of Magento commerce in this context
point-image How i95Dev can help you achieve customer-centric retailing

Success Stories

Trail-Gear migrates from proprietary cart to Magento, and leverages i95Dev ERP integration to scale rapidly and efficiently.
Magento Store, ERP Integration

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Rommanel integrates Magento with SAP Business One to streamline order fulfillment, improve inventory management, and reduce data entry errors.
Magento SAP Business One Integration

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Siegers Seed Company has over a century of experience in delivering unique and quality seeds to farmers across the USA.
Magento 2 Migration, POS Integration, Mobile Development

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