27May, 2016

12 Must-have Magento 2.0 Extensions to Maximize Ecommerce Sales

According to statista.com, in 2014, retail e-commerce sales amounted to 298.26 billion US dollars and are projected to grow to 481.94 billion US dollars in 2018. That is an astounding number.

How then do you stand out in a crowded marketplace?

The e-commerce market scenario alters rapidly, and to stay cut-throat competitive you need to always keep fingers on the pulse.

  • Cart abandonment ratesoaring high?
  • Poor navigation and inexpedient search causing distraction in customers?
  • Dissatisfied with e-commerce opportunities?

Here are a few important Magento 2 extensions that could help you get through:

1) Improved and Layered Navigation

Let’s face it – It is hard for anybody to navigate through a lesser known interface or website. Navigation improves this hitch by empowering the customers to search the store catalog in the most organized and efficient way. These extensions bank on filters and multi-select filter option. They give an up-to-date functionality to your stores and are extremely easy to understand for setting it up while your visitors have the ease of browsing through product attributes and de-select the chosen options. One of the famous and best navigation extensions is provided by Amasty.

i95Dev - Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension 1

i95Dev - Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension 2

2) Product Listing

To enable product selection stationed on condition-based filters from variant attributes and categories; Magento 2 comes with this new widget which makes shopping a hassle-free experience. It adheres to the Shopping Cart Price Rules which only allows the conditions that can be based on any combination of product attributes and categories; where only the products that are in coherence to this rule will be displayed.

i95Dev - Magento 2 Product Listing Extension

3) One Step Checkout

Less is more. Time is precious. All of the clichéd quotes make sense when you’re associated with an e-commerce environment. The simple process of single step checkout eases and expedites the process of checkout for customers, ultimately improving the shopping experience for the customers. Conclusion? Reduced abandoned carts, higher traffic rate, and an exponential increase in the brand value. Some of the products come with three options – Free, Pro, and Enterprise. It is easy to install and also supports reward points, store credits, and gift cards in the enterprise model.

i95Dev - Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension

4) Follow Up Email

Keep your investors close, and your customers closer – that’s one of the key for a successful business in today’s time. Given that, 40% of revenue comes from repeat or returning purchasers, email marketing is a highly effective tool in generating both first-time sales as well as repeat business. It is highly essential that your customers are aware of your current product and the upcoming ones. The Magento 2 follow-up email extension you choose must meet the precise need of communication objectives. It should be highly scalable and send messages (confirmation letter, order placed or cancelled, and promotions) to its customers customized based on their needs to keep them well-informed about their accounts, merchandising, and the business. One of the popular follow-up email extensions is provided by Magenest.

i95Dev - Magento 2 Follow up Email Extension

5) CRM Integration

CRM is the bridge between maintaining the relationship between current customers and acquiring new and loyal ones. The functionality of CRM is revocable and undeniably essential in the relationships built. Merchants can recognize customers’ wants with ease and offer their services in a better way. Salesforce is an exceptional CRM system, but it makes you wince each time there’s a fallacy with importing/exporting data and thence, you are on a quest for the ultimate solution to save time and energy in managing the customer database. To save yourself inconveniences, it is important to automate the information (like customers, products, and orders’) flow between Magento with Salesforce CRM systems. You can also check out i95Dev’s Magento – SalesForce Connect that provides features such as customer information sync, product information sync, Magento leads to Salesforce, order sync, real-time updates from Magento to Salesforce CRM.

i95Dev - Magento 2 Salesforce Integration

6) Related Product Manager

You will surely need your customers to keep browsing your page by offering them more products to see. But how can you know which commodity will intrigue customers to click on it? Remedy? CommerceStack’s related product manager extension, based on the history of earlier purchasing and views data of customers, will spawn suitable and related products for up-sells and cross-sells purposes.

i95Dev - Magento 2 Related Product Manager Extension

7) Blog

Hold that thought. You’re probably thinking that you don’t require a blog as you are an e-merchant and for you, blogging doesn’t just fit in the equation. Blogging, in fact, is essential and powerful than you can fathom. You could blog to update your fresh arrivals or use it as a tool to lure investors or prospective employees. The blog extension must support manifold languages and stores, so you can post content aimed at thoroughly disparate target audience. Aheadwork’s blog extension is very popular, feature-rich and free.

i95Dev - Magento 2 Blog Extension

8) Product Review

More than 70% of the people who visit e-commerce site to purchase or browse through the products definitely look for the product reviews given to a particular product. And who are we kidding, we’re too precarious when it comes to shopping online, aren’t we? Coming to the rescue is the product review extension. A good extension allows customers to upload an image with the product review, add product review using a widget, allows the store owner to add up & footer links from the backend. It should easy to install and manage while it eases the number of rejections or returns good, and increases the number of visitors on a page. One of the well-known facilitators of this feature is Solwin Product Reviews.

i95Dev - Magento 2 Product Review Extension

9) Social Sharing

Alex was searching for a blue boho sweatshirt and ended up finding only a few crotchet ones, which Luke was on a hunt for. Alex quickly sends the link of the website to Luke and voila! Quick purchase with the hassle-free search process. Embedding the extensions of social media sharing amplifies the reach of your websites. You can instantly share and promote your online store products on popular social media like messenger whatsapp, facebook, twitter, google, pin it, etc. Additional perks? You can easily share product details, admin can easily customise the sharing configuration from the admin panel, easy to install, and support for various mobile platforms.

i95Dev - Magento 2 Social Share Extension 1i95Dev - Magento 2 Social Share Extension 2

10) Search Auto-Complete and Suggest

It’s always a delight to find the word being completed by the SEOs, whilst searching for a specific thing on Google. Applied to e-commerce sites, and it works wonders in converting visitors on the site. Further, fabrication will only mean more preference being given to a certain website by customers, because it eases the user experience and enhances the usability. Once your customer has begun typing in the search box, the extension should show the drop-down list with the most suitable product names, images, and prices. Nextopia and Hawksearch both have very good extensions for search.

i95Dev - Magento 2 Search Extension 1

i95Dev - Magento 2 Search Extension 2

11) Cross Linking

Internal cross links place links on products, categories, and CMS pages. It also links keywords by category ID, product SKU, and auto links to external sources. Advance keyword replacements and priority settings let you customise your product links to the desired audience.

Internal links help search engines and site visitors better navigate through your site. Also, it’s an important ranking factor that signals page relevance and passes its authority to other pages.

Also, with the extension, you can link your site pages to any relevant external source. It enables you to specify a link title and alt tags, choose store views to place external cross links on, set keyword replacement count, and define external cross link priority. Mageworx has a very popular extension for this.

i95Dev - Magento 2 Cross Link Extension

12) ERP Integration

ERP is at the heart of most businesses operations handling everything from inventory management, accounting, to order fulfilment. Integrating ERP and e-commerce not only helps in streamlining business processes, automate order fulfilment, improving operational efficiency, improving customer service and more. i95Dev’s suite of integration products for Magento and ERP systems like Dynamics ERP (GP, AX, and NAV), SAP Business One, and Sage 100 are one of the best in the industry.

i95Dev - Magento ERP Integration Points

If you run an e-commerce site, we know just as well as you do that running an e-commerce website is not straightforward or easy. When going through your daily grind of presenting great products and enticing buyers to purchase, consider using all these incredible extensions available to you, that can completely revolutionize the way you handle your e-commerce business.

If you are already using some extensions that you think you absolutely can’t-live-without, do drop a line and tell us what they are!

Disclaimer – “None of the images used in this blog post belong to us. They have been sourced from specific product websites, as indicated by the logo in the image or details in the text.”

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12 Must-have Magento 2.0 Extensions to Maximize Ecommerce Sales