February 3, 2014

Empower your Sales with Magento
& Salesforce Integration

Author Charlie Brown
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In today’s rapidly changing and highly complex business environment the need to be market-focused and customer-centric is more critical than any time in past. Importance of customer relationship is paramount to growing your business; satisfied customers will be loyal customers who in turn will refer new customers, so it becomes important for any business to keep their customers happy. This presents a new opportunity for online retailers, extending their business operations to include valuable CRM capabilities.
The need to be present across multiple channels including online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, social media, etc. has intensified the need for an integrated CRM System. CRM systems have emerged as the best tools that help businesses in maintaining profitable relationships with customers and also contribute greatly to the revenues and credibility. A key component of managing customer relationships is having the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
Introducing Salesforce CRM the world no.1 and most effective CRM System. Salesforce addresses all your customer interface concerns right from sales and marketing to customer service, streamlining your operations and saving valuable time and resources. It is highly customizable to meet an organization’s changing needs and offers a significant competitive advantage by providing organization with a 360-degree view of their customers

Need for Magento and Salesforce CRM integration

With ecommerce becoming critical, it is imperative for retailers to first integrate their ecommerce store with CRM system. Now the questions arises Why Magento? Because of two reasons, one Magento ecommerce is the leading ecommerce cart available in the market with more than 150,000 clients using it and two because Magento is a flexible, open source and the best e-commerce platform available in the market.
Integrating Salesforce CRM with Magento ecommerce can add a lot of value to your customer-facing activities. For example giving sales person access to inventory information through a Salesforce CRM allows the sales person to be more responsive while answering to customer queries related to order fulfillment process, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. The integration promises to offer you the following feature and much more:

  • Customer & Leads – Integration allows you to sync customer information from Magento to Salesforce CRM and Vice-versa. This bi-directional sync not only ensures you consistent data across systems but also empowers your customers representatives with access to most updated customer information, leading to improved customer service and happy customers
  • Streamline Order ProcessingOne of the benefits that the Salesforce CRM brings to Magento -users is the fact that it makes order processing quicker and more convenient. Salesforce CRM allows you to import orders, answer customer’s queries and can track order status without hassle and in a cost-effective and efficient manner. This creates a better experience for both customers and sales team members by eliminating operational inefficiencies form the existing process.
  • Product &Inventory– Sync all product information from Magento to Salesforce CRM systems Once all products and product descriptions are on Salesforce CRM, this will make it easy for your customer representatives to cross-sell and up-sell to your customers. The superior customer experience will not only encourage your customers to spend more time on your WebStore but also make sure that they keep coming back to you again & again

Benefits of Magento Salesforce Integration

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • 360-deegree Customer view
  • Empower Sales Team
  • Multichannel Marketing
  • Increased Sales
  • Targeted Marketing Campaign
  • Real time Communication
  • Reduced labor, Operations & Coordination cost
  • Consistent data across Systems

How i95dev can help?

If you want to streamline your entire business process to maximize your profits through integrating your customer databases and more fully understanding your client base feel free to contact us at: http://www.i95dev.com/contact/ or  give us a call at 301.760.7499.

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