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June 29, 2012

Magento-CRM Integration – A
Vital Choice for Your Company

Author Luke Walker
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the key to a successful business. Any company can have a website with eCommerce, but without proper customer satisfaction, the sales will dwindle and profits will diminish. It is vital for companies to have valuable integration between sales, marketing and customer service. This can be difficult to accomplish without any direct contact with customers, but with the right software package, it is possible. This is where Magento and CRM integration become vital for your company.

Monitoring the customer’s behavior over a period of time is essential to understanding what the customer really wants. Integrating CRM into your platform allows you to monitor not only products purchased but also repeat purchases, brand loyalty patterns and conversion rates right in an integrated database. These statistics and more are vital to the success of your eCommerce and are possible through Magento integration with CRM.

There are various types of Magento integrations with CRM. A few of the top integrations include Magento with Sugar CRM Integration, Magento with vTiger CRM Integration, Magento with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration and Magento with CRM Integration.

Utilizing i95Dev’s Magento-CRM integration makes it possible to store all pertinent information in regard to customers, inventory, shopping carts, leads, order management and payment processing in the back end of Magento. This makes it possible to monitor the success of your business all in one place, reducing wasted time and increasing productivity.

When you use i95Dev’s solutions for Magento-CRM integration, you also give the customers the ability to track their own information. This includes things like tracking an order, checking purchase history or tracking store loyalty points. Customers even have the ability to check on specific inventory of an item to determine when they should order.

Integrating Magento with CRM is the only way to ensure the success of your eCommerce business by creating a user-friendly environment for customers and a seamless operation for the company.

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