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March 11, 2013

5 Ways to Increase Traffic
to Your eCommerce Store

Author Victor Achilles
Category Blog | eCommerce Marketing |
The Internet has become a wealth of information, as well as an innovative way for consumers to shop from just about anywhere. In order to remain competitive and make your eCommerce Store stand out, you need to find unique ways to increase the amount of traffic your store receives. The five most profitable ways include search engine optimization, the use of quality content, guest posting, pay per click advertising and using social media platforms.

1. Search Engine Optimization at Its Best
The tactic most people have heard of but might not be familiar with how it works is search engine optimization. This is the number one way to rank high in the search engines, which let’s face it, is the only way for consumers to find you online. The appropriate use of keywords needs to be utilized throughout your entire site, including in the web design, meta tags, titles, images and your product descriptions. In addition, you should take advantage of the many efforts that are available to increase your company’s awareness, such as article marketing, consistent blog updates and press release marketing.

2. Use Only Quality Content
Quality content is crucial to the success of an eCommerce Store. This is a case of quality over quantity, however. Many companies mistakenly think the more content they produce, the higher they will rank in the search engines. The opposite is actually true; the algorithms the search engines have compiled look for quality content that is consistently updated and is relevant to your site. Avoid keyword stuffing or adding content just to try to increase your rankings because it will likely backfire. Stick to providing content that is useful to your clients and makes them want to come back and read more.

3. Become Guest Poster
Become a guest blogger on various blogs that are relevant to your industry. This enables you to impart your knowledge to a wider audience, as well as provides relevant backlinks to your eCommerce store. This allows you to reach a larger audience with little effort.

4. Targeting Your Advertisements
In addition to finding ways to increase your organic traffic, there are paid opportunities as well. Pay per click (PPC) advertising is an effective method to increase the amount of targeted traffic you receive. The people who click on your advertisements are likely interested in your industry, products or services, enabling you to take advantage of this aspect of targeted marketing.

5. Use Social Media Networks
A majority of consumers have a social media account, whether it is Facebook or Twitter. If you run an eCommerce operation, it is crucial that you take part in these networks as well. It offers an enhanced way to interact with your clients, impart your knowledge in the industry and further your SEO tactics to help your eCommerce Store rank higher in the search engines, furthering your ability to increase sales and brand awareness.

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