September 24, 2012

Surpass Your Sales Goals with
the Magento Integration with eBay

Author Jeremy Meyer
Category Blog | Integration |
If you operate a Magento Store, you can take advantage of selling your products through eBay’s successful marketplace with the Magento integration with eBay. This Magento integration makes it simple to manage all aspects of your products, their listings, inventory and pricing in one of the world’s largest auction sites with little effort. The integration of Magento and eBay can bring your revenues to levels that are unachievable any other way by selling your products through your online store and the eBay marketplace simultaneously.

With the eBay integration with Magento, you can manage one or multiple eBay accounts, as well as more than one Magento store. Everything is handled for you, including creating listings, managing them throughout the bidding process, synchronizing inventory levels and leaving feedback automatically. The full integration allows you to increase your sales with simplified management of all aspects of the selling process.

You can take advantage of the Magento integration with eBay by supplying your customers with a monthly newsletter or promotional flyer to showcase your latest additions to the eBay marketplace. This method of advertising will enable you to realize more repeat sales while reducing the need for constant moderation of the sales process.

The ability to manage your eBay store and online Magento store from one single point is an investment that will provide your store with an incredible return on investment. Your products will receive the incredible exposure eBay provides worldwide, which will provide you with increased online traffic and revenues. Integrating eBay with your online Magento store is one of the best ways to boost your branding power by increasing exposure to your brand and traffic to your website with minimal effort.

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