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February 6, 2013

Create the Retail Operation Consumers
Want with Next Gen RMS

Author Victor Achilles
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Online retail operations continue to grow by leaps and bounds, making it abundantly apparent that retailers of all sizes need to not only be online but be creative with their strategies. It is no longer simply a decision between a brick-and-mortar store and an eCommerce store; there are many channels to choose from, making it necessary for any retailer that wants to be competitive to jump on board. Consumers want a complete shopping experience with the ability to access a retail operation from different channels, including through their smartphones, social media platforms and online. In order for retailers to stay connected and consistently updated, they need a software solution that will keep them up-to-date. Today, this solution is called “Next Gen RMS” (Working Title)- the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics RMS for small and medium sized business. Next Gen RMS is built based on the same code base as Microsoft Dynamics AX, offering the SMB retail market the advantages of AX, minus the unnecessary features and is likely to be released near the end of this year.

A Seamless Integration

Next Gen RMS help integrate a brick-and-mortar Store, eCommerce operation and any other channels, such as mobile or social shopping, so all aspects of a company’s operations are on the same page at all times. Just how can Microsoft Dynamics work in both the physical and eCommerce world?

In the physical world, it can make retailers more mobile. They are no longer stuck behind the cash register. They can be outfitted with tablets that allow them to roam around the store, interact with customers and have answers to all their questions at the tips of their fingers.

In the eCommerce world, Next Gen RMS can manage the entire web storefront, handle order processing and implement advanced search features, providing retailers with a consumer-friendly website consumers enjoy shopping at.

Visibility Throughout the Company
Retailers, both small and mid-size, can now access all their information from anywhere. The 100 percent connectivity they experience throughout every channel, including social, mobile and online sales, enables retailers to expand their operations, while not having to worry about giving out misinformation regarding pricing or inventory. All transactions are handled in real-time and are updated throughout every system, allowing everyone to be more productive and organized. In addition, retailers can create personalized promotions, specials or discounts for a target group or all customers and send them out at the appropriate time to increase sales.

Go Beyond the Single Shop
It is no longer acceptable to only offer your products through a brick-and-mortar store or Online Store alone. Consumers want to be able to access your information and products from their phones, tablets, social media and computers. They want to be able to use their phones to navigate to your store or even navigate around your store looking for a specific product. If the product is not in stock, they want to be able to order it on their phone or at a kiosk in the store and receive the same level of service and satisfaction. They also want to receive personalized specials and sales that entice them to come into your store and spend money.

Manage All Channels from One Place
Now it is possible for retailers to exist in many aspects, pleasing the most demanding customer by being available where they want them. This is all possible without the retailer getting overwhelmed in information, losing orders, quoting wrong prices or giving out incorrect inventory information. Everything is updated at the same time, allowing retailers to manage their entire system from one program. This means they can operate more efficiently and productively and give consumers the service they desire where they want it. Next Gen RMS is the way to break into Omni-Channel Retailing and become a leader in the industry.

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