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August 18, 2015

Customization – The Missing piece of your
eCommerce ERP Integration Puzzle

Author Chris Wilson
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eCommerce and ERP integration is a big step for every organization for two reasons – the benefits it drives to various departments (IT, Marketing, eCommerce, Accounts, Operations, etc.) in the organization and the impact it has on the way teams function and work – by impacting the existing workflows and processes.

In our eBook “Mistakes people make when integrating ERP with eCommerce” we had looked at how a very common mistake businesses make while integrating their ERP and eCommerce system – “Not Understanding the Requirements “, impacts the outcome they come to expect from their integration solution; and not understanding their custom needs is a big part of it.

If your organization uses both the ERP and eCommerce systems without any custom workflows or processes then any out of the box integration solution can do the trick for you. But if your organization has custom workflows like how you handle your B2B customers, or the way you handle your accounting books, or the way you treat your taxes, or your custom order approval process, etc. then customization is absolutely critical for your organization.

While an out of the box integration solution can cost lower and guarantee a quick turn-around time (for implementation) initially, businesses usually end up investing a lot of time, effort and money subsequently by either changing their internal processes to align with the integration solution (facing a lot of resistance internally) or by manually taking care of the custom workflows despite having an integration solution in place (defeating the entire purpose of having the integration solution in place).

For one of our customers, Lone Star Distribution, we integrated Magento eCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics NAV systems while incorporating a number of customizations like custom sales order forms, custom order workflow, sales person functionality, and credit limits support, etc. Without all the customizations, it would have been difficult for Lone Star Distribution to justify their investment and realize the amazing ROI.

And all this was made possible because of our solution Magento Dynamics NAV Connect, which gives businesses the flexibility to customize and incorporate their custom requirements. To summarize, customization might be the missing piece in your integration solution which is keeping you away from realizing the true potential of your integration solution.
Customizations can make a difference by

  • Improving adoption by decreasing internal resistance by incorporating existing workflows and processes
  • Helping you automate and streamline business process, moving beyond the traditional integration touch points
  • Helping you get more out of your existing systems – you can further extend your solution by adding other systems
  • Helping you increase sales – you can extend your existing solution to get your B2B/B2C customers, Sales People, etc. on the same platform
  • and more….

How i95Dev can help?
i95Dev is a leading integration provider for Magento and Microsoft Dynamics ERP (GP, AX, NAV) systems. We have products (Magento GP Connect, Magento AX Connect, Magento NAV Connect) which can not only work as out of the box integration solutions but can also be customized to meet your custom requirements. For more information, you can reach us at 301.760.7499 or drop us a line at

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