September 18, 2014

E-Book Announcement Blog – Mistakes
people make when integrating ERP with eCommerce

Author Amelia Warner
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Today, ERP systems are an integral part of day-to-day business operations and planning in-house. ERP systems have been in use for many years, but with the rising popularity and adoption of ecommerce the new trend is the combination of duo, ERP and ecommerce. This is no surprise as both these systems are often found in need of each other; you need an ecommerce system to make it convenient for customers to buy products and an ERP systems to fulfill those orders and streamline a lot of other backend processes. To achieve desired result, both these systems have to communicate efficiently.

With all the benefits integration promises to deliver, it is a complicated process. It is very easy to trivialize it and not give its due share of attention; which can cost you a lot of time and money with very little benefits. While not giving its due share of attention is a very common problem there are others which can have an equally negative impact on the benefits that you wish to get back from it. Things like:

Not Understanding the Requirements
Understanding the requirements and its impact is very important and if considered insensitively, might prove fatal. Improper understanding often leads to cost and time overruns and obfuscates the process. Being a critical step, both businesses offering a solution and clients looking for solutions are expected to sincerely involve all possible stakeholders and understand the functionalities appropriately.

Not Training your Employees
Integration enables items, inventory, orders, customers and other pertinent data to pass between two independent systems, which can lead to a lot of changes in the existing processes. But change is always often resisted unless handled effectively. Benefits of an accurate ecommerce ERP integration is manifold but needs suitable training for the employees to institutionalize it. Failing to train resources and cope up with the changes might trim down benefits of the new solution and upset your expectations.
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