June 16, 2014

eBook: Real Time Vs.
Scheduler based Integration

Author Dennis
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In today’s highly competitive world, an overwhelming majority of online transactions are executed digitally. As businesses expand their use of online applications, transactional data and its importance are growing at an exponential rate.  To maintain a competitive edge and enhance operational efficiencies, Retail businesses need effective ways to integrate and synchronize data across the multiple channels they are selling through. They need real-time sales and inventory information, integrate product and customer data across multiple channels, and more importantly to have accurate, up-to-date data to analytics, business intelligence and reporting systems to facilitate decision making process. As the volume, variety, velocity and veracity of data increases, the importance of integrating information in real time mode continues to grow.
To ensure that your customers are accessing the most accurate, up-to-date information available, retailers today need real time integration between their ecommerce storefront  & ERP System .Real time integration eliminates duplicity in records and ensures that data is complete, accurate, trusted, and delivered with transactional integrity and consistency. This eBook will highlight how real time integration is different from scheduler based integration under following categories:

  1. Improved Customer Service
  2. How to stay ahead of Competition
  3. Enhanced Data Security
  4. Greater Flexibility
  5. Data Integrity & Service Performance

For more information on how real time Integration is different form Scheduler based integration download your free copy now.

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