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May 15, 2014

EBook: Tips to maximize the
power of your Magento store

Author Charlie Brown
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Magento ecommerce is the choice of many businesses today because of its extensive feature list, open source code base, search engine optimized cart and highly scalable and flexible framework. Magento with all these features is amazingly fast and can support vast number of SKUs without any trouble. But over the years after multiple Magento implementations we have discovered that Magento’s performance can be further improved through a number of ways. This increased performance and speed is guaranteed to result in more sales through increased customer satisfaction. Below are some tips and tricks on how you can increase the performance of your Magento ecommerce store:

  • Independent hosting– One of the important parameters that search engines use for ranking a page is the page load time because increased user involvement and conversions are the result of faster websites. For faster page load it is important to run your Magento store on a dedicated server or hosted on cloud because, your Magento store is predicted to run slow under a shared hosting environment
  • Fewer Extensions – Magento community offers an extension for every possible need of customers. But while this is amazing for businesses as they can time the market better it is also a drawback as they might end up installing a lot of extensions. Moreover not all these extensions are programmed with performance in mind and they can slow your ecommerce cart. Hence, it is important to uninstall extensions that you don’t use as they can negatively affect the speed of your website
  • Flat catalog Enabling-Magento inherently uses the EAV database module. This means that each product or category has information stored across many tables. Every time that a product page is requested or a category page is requested a join query is executed to gather all the information and build the product object. While extremely flexible this feature is a huge bottleneck for performance. In order to create a simplified version of the catalog, especially those with many products, it is vital to enable flat catalog to store customer and product data

To know more about how you can increase performance of Magento, Click here to download our eBook on Tips to increase the performance of Magento.

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