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August 24, 2021

Google Analytics Offers
its New Version:Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

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What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) originally known as “App+ Web,” is the latest version of Google Analytics after Universal Analytics. The Google Analytics 4 property is a single platform you can use for both your website and App, unlike Universal Analytics which only supports websites.

Previously there was no option to check for mobile App and website usage data simultaneously for unified reporting and analysis. Google Analytics 4 resolves the same issue with a huge list of newly added features.

What’s new in GA4?

New AI-Powered insights

GA4 is power-packed with new AI-powered insights that prove to be a firm step in the promising future of predictive marketing. It holds the ability to feed marketers and analysts with the correct information. You can make great use of information like that.
GA4 empowers you to strategize better. It helps you understand which product will make more sales depending upon the location, customers, higher search volumes, and multiple attributes within each option.

Google Analytics 4 eliminates the need for you to always keep a check and it automatically alerts marketers of data trends to change your strategy in time. Not just the planning aspect, but also outcomes such as churn rates and the total revenue a business could make can also be predicted.

Smarter options with Google Ads

GA4 helps you maintain and enrich your audience and visitor list from both App and website. For example, if a visitor turns into an audience user due to some action that was completed on the web, then the visitor is automatically moved to the audience list so that he is not bothered with unnecessary ads and is fed with apt information based on the updated visitor/audience user list.


Reporting options in Google Analytics 4 has the ability to provide detailed analysis on every stage of the customer lifecycle. Additionally, you can leverage the data from both the App and website.
New reporting features in GA4 are designed for marketers to better examine every particular aspect of the customer journey. It offers a more detailed view of how customers are engaging in App and web, across devices and channels.

Go codeless with GA4

Google analytics has added to its codeless event tracking feature list. These event tracking features help marketers keep a note of every action, be it on-site or in-app, without adding a single piece of code.

Added user data controls

Google Analytics 4 has added more detailed user data controls that can assist advertisers to comply with data regulations such as California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) etc.
GA4 has added a consent mode for websites that have to collect end-user consent to gather analytics data. It provides separate consent options for analytics and Google Ads.

Just like you need consent to obtain the data, GA4 also has improved data deletion capabilities where businesses are compelled to adhere to data deletion requests from users. This feature also allows preview mode for the analyst to verify the data before deleting.

  • Benefits of Google Analytics 4
  • GA4 is an analytics platform both for website and mobile App
  • Advanced reporting abilities
  • Detailed analysis of user-journey
  • User-centric user interface
  • Free access to BigQuery
  • Automatic and codeless event tracking
  • Added predictive analytics capabilities
  • Easy cross-domain setup
  • Enhanced data visualization
  • Access to custom metrics

Stay tuned to know more about GA4 in the next blog…
GA4 undoubtedly has business benefits in abundance and a lot more to offer than GA3 (Universal Analytics). Our next blog explains the difference between GA4 Vs. GA3.

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