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Magento Meetup Hyderabad – The Landscape Ahead

After successfully staging the Magento Meetup back-to-back in Chandigarh, Surat, Nagpur, and Jaipur, in the course of 2 months, it is time to take up the baton to recreate the event in Hyderabad. Making full use of the leap year, the third Magento meetup of this year is being held on 29th February. We aim to reinvent the wheel by unshackling the future potential of Magento Landscape.

We take pride to announce that the Meetup will have on board representatives from Adobe, Magento Master 2019 and Magento Community. The subject experts will be speaking on different aspects of Magento Commerce and sharing treasured anecdotes from the industry. Missing out on such a golden opportunity isn’t a very good idea!

Who should not miss the event?

  • Backend and Frontend Developers working on Magento
  • Backend and Frontend Developers willing to work on Magento
  • CXO with Magento Agencies
  • Business Executives Selling Magento Solutions
  • Merchants who want to know more about Magento


  • Why it is important to get Magento Certified? by Joseph Maxwell
  • Introduction to Adobe Commerce Cloud by Vikrant Shukla
  • Testing Jargons in Magento Commerce by Soniya Adhi
  • Scalability for Magento by Arun Bansal
  • Enhancing Magento Store Performance from DB to UI by Sreedhar Kanala
  • The search for App-iness: Progressive Web Apps by Jamie Maria Schouren

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Joseph Maxwell

Founder & COO, SWIFTotter Solutions

Vikrant Shukla

Business Solution Architect, Adobe

Soniya Adhi

Quality Consultant, Adobe

Jamie Maria Schouren

Chief Strategy Officer – DEITY

Sreedhar Kanala

Technical Architect, i95Dev

Arun Bansal

Founder & CEO ServerGuy &