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April 10, 2018

Magento Dynamics NAV Integration
– 3 Signs to Watch out for

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV punches above in the eCommerce domain. i95Dev helped many companies who use Dynamics NAV for their eCommerce operations through our flagship Magento connector “i95Dev Dynamics NAV Connect”. As eCommerce players grow, there are some telltale signs, which are clear indicators that you need a Magento Dynamics NAV integration. In this article, we will discuss these signs and how our Magento Dynamics NAV Integration connector can help you overcome these challenges.
Below are some of the signs to look out for during your growth phase.

  • Severe resource downtime

    For any business, it is imperative that your team and resources should be in peak efficiency. However, at some point in the growth phase, you find your resources wasted in places like sorting out piling orders, checking of inventory levels, repeatedly addressing customers’ issues etc. Now that is definitely a red flag and if left unattended, it can hurt your brand.

  • Stark inaccuracies across different channels

    If you took the time to diversify your business channels, that is great. However, with a diversified multi-channel approach comes the problem of maintaining accuracy amongst them. There can be multiple errors such as inaccurate delivery addresses, missed delivery deadlines, mixed up customer information, inaccurate inventory levels leading to underselling or overselling, etc.
    If you are experiencing these challenges, it is more than a red flag. Your eCommerce business is walking with a target painted on its back.

  • Bad management of processes

    Manually entering/uploading information from your eCommerce systems to Dynamics NAV and vice versa is prone to human errors. Scalability is another limitation of this process. All these processes typically lead to bad process management and process delays as more time spent on manual updating. This only puts your competitors in advantage at the expense of your eCommerce business. This is a definite red flag if you are experiencing it.

i95Dev’s Dynamics NAV Connect
The things that i95Dev Dynamics NAV Connect can do for your eCommerce business are related to the red flags mentioned.

  • Accurate data availability

    i95Dev Dynamics NAV Connect brings together the ERP and Magento, through a tight integration. Consistent and error free data is available across all your business platforms. The data accuracy part is taken care by “i95Dev Dynamics NAV Connect”. This model also helps maintain the data integrity as the business scales.

  • Helps in crucial decision making

    eCommerce operations require you to take decisions at crucial junctures. i95Dev’s Dynamics NAV Connect helps you in decision making. It provides a centralized view of all your business operations and gives you insights into your inventory levels, customer orders, your sales channel flows etc. This helps you take informed decisions and gives you visibility to your operations.

  • Effective time and resource utilization

    Manual entry of data has a high probability of errors, fatigue and eventually results in inefficiency. i95Dev Dynamic NAV Connect automatically syncs all the required data (Customer information, financial details, product info) between your ecommerce store and Dynamics NAV ERP. This increases your efficiency and time, and in turn helps you spend more time on planning and selling instead of execution.

  • Keeping in lieu with your customers

    In the age of Amazon, users who experienced easy shopping, express shipping, multiple delivery options, great returns and real time product information will demand for the same from your estore. i95Dev’s Dynamics NAV Connect offers you the flexibility to design the same experience on your store. With an integration in place between your Magento platform and Dynamics NAV ERP, you have the access to provide more shipping options, plan their delivery options better by assessing the inventory in warehouses nearest to customers and much more.

Need more reason to integrating your Dynamics NAV with Magento, click here to read our blog.


We know the requirements of eCommerce businesses come in different sizes and shapes and we do not claim to have the proverbial silver bullet for all the challenges. But we do have a dedicated team which takes time out to understand the specific requirements of our clients and design custom solutions for them.
If you are an ecommerce business looking for an integration option with your MS Dynamics NAV then mail us at
If you want to see our i95Dev Dynamics NAV Connect in action register for a demo here.

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