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April 17, 2018

Why you should opt for Dynamics
NAV integration with Magento

Author Vishnu
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According to recent reports, the market share of Microsoft Dynamics ERP family has surpassed its contemporary Oracle. Microsoft Dynamics ERP market share stands at a solid 19% cementing it 2nd position for the widely used ERP systems around the world. Navision (or Dynamics NAV) stands as a time-tested ERP system amongst the MS Dynamics ERP family. Even with the advent of cloud-based Dynamics 365 solution, there has been no warning in the popularity of Dynamics NAV ERP amongst the SMB users. This article is a quick reference for SMB who are considering Dynamics NAV ERP for their eCommerce business or planning for a Dynamics NAV Integration.

To know the reasons behind the steady popularity of Dynamics NAV ERP systems, we need to analyze their strengths.

  • Dynamics NAV ERP supports the use of 40 different languages making it the most widely preferred ERP in SMB milieu.
  • Dynamics NAV ERP has very advanced multi-currency capabilities. Other Dynamics NAV capabilities include the usage of the VAT, GST, tax calculation capabilities and even multiple account setups for different currencies. All this makes it a reliable bet for companies aiming for increasing their market share internationally.
  • Managing inventory SKUs from multiple warehouse locations is made easy with Dynamics NAV ERP solution. These functionalities include the transfer of stock between multiple locations, item tracking, cross docking, auto-replenishment and Available to Promise feature amongst many others.
  • One of the main advantages of Dynamics NAV ERP system is the ability to integrate seamlessly with procurement centers, which keeps a track of sourcing and sales centers. This gives a real-time picture of inventory depletion.

Dynamics NAV ERP integration with Magento will enhance your eCommerce business?
With these top-notch features, we at i95Dev combine the power of Magento eCommerce to give your business the best. Have read our blog on how to identify if you need Magento NAV integration? If not, click here to read it.
The benefits you reap with a seamless integration provided between Magento and Dynamics NAV ERP integration are:

  • Taking your business to the next level
    With the robust ability of Dynamics NAV to maintain inventory in multiple locations, integrating this ERP with the widely used eCommerce platform only makes sense. Our i95Dev Magento NAV Connect allows a sync between both these systems, as it helps maintain consistency in data.
    i95Dev Magento NAV Connect enhances your eCommerce functionality by combining critical elements of Dynamics NAV with Magento. Features such as multiple currency and language support, VAT, GST calculations, etc. make your growth plans of going international easy.
    This not only provides a single window view of the system but also makes your operations scalable.
  • Reduction of order aging
    Order aging is a crucial factor. i95Dev Magento NAV Connect creates an integrated setup to help you take care of the complete order flow from your Magento store to Dynamics NAV ERP.
    Dynamics NAV ERP already has the function, which allows you to maintain a lean inventory through cross-docking, item tracking etc. Combining this and with the functionality of Magento ecommerce platform is what i95Dev Magento NAV Connect gets onboard for your business.
    The connector takes care of the entire order fulfillment journey right from the inventory availability in a warehouse to shipping the product and delivery to the customer. This greatly reduces the scope of manual errors resulting in customer loyalty and increased retention.
  • Optimized Inventory Management
    Inventory and multiple warehouse management have always been a robust point of Dynamics NAV ERP. i95Dev Magento NAV Connect greatly enhances the feature of multiple warehouse functionality provided by Dynamics NAV ERP. Our connector combines the ecommerce functionality of Magento and Dynamics NAV and doubles effect to build a robust ecommerce brand.
    Syncing back the product information from the Dynamics NAV ERP to the Magento ecommerce system would help you to avoid overselling or underselling your inventory. Planning and experimenting advanced options like drop shipping and BOIPS also become easier, thanks to the integration.

Do read our eBook on 6 Common Mistake to Avoid When Integrating ERP with eCommerce Platform for more info.
As stated above Dynamics NAV ERP has and modules, great functionalities which makes it a great fit for SMB eCommerce. Combining that with the eCommerce market leader Magento only packs double the punch for any business. Our customized integration solution that would fit between Dynamics NAV and Magento eCommerce platform. We have successfully implemented this customized integration to various clients suiting their needs and requirements.

If you are an ecommerce business looking to take the big leap, feel free to contact us at

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