May 22, 2018

Magento eCommerce
for Cosmetic Brands

Author Chris Wilson
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The cosmetics industry is one such domain, which is extremely dependent on human senses. The touch and feel of the product are necessary and many big-name cosmetic brands all over the world vouch for this. However, with the surge in popularity of eCommerce as the popular medium for purchase for consumers, a balancing act has become a necessity for this domain. In this blog, we look at the key reasons why cosmetics brands must move online and why Magento eCommerce for cosmetic brands is a perfect fit.
It has become imperative that cosmetic brands should be able to project their feel and aesthetics as well as able to sell online, and this is definitely a catch 22 situation. To know more about the convergence of online and offline eCommerce, read our blog.

The cosmetics industry snapshot

According to a study, the world’s cosmetics industry is pegged to value at $675 billion by the year 2020.  Women above the age of 45 spend around £ 2 billion on cosmetics. This clearly suggests the high stakes in the world cosmetics industry and with the high number of players both emerging and established in the industry, sustaining is nothing short of a tightrope walk.

Why cosmetic brands should move online

The cosmetics industry is such that it almost is an oxymoron for eCommerce. Though the industry is touch and feels sensitive, the products also seem perfectly tailored to be sold online. The reason following:

  • Cosmetics and other beauty care products are repeat purchase products. If you are able to etch into the memory of your consumer by providing a great product along with quality service, you are sure to win over a customer for life.
  • Cosmetics products are not complex products, as they do not have accessories or after-sale support. This makes the product line highly suitable to go online.
  • Going online not only means increasing the customer reach but also educating your customer base. Take the example of ‘Glossier’ they utilized social media platforms like YouTube and videos ads to show how their product looks and created a loyal following.
  • The power of social media holds a big sway over eCommerce. This is very relevant in the cosmetics industry. The wonders that experienced makeup artists create with cosmetic brands make people buy almost everything they see. This is when you as a brand should definitely have an online presence, to augment the social media reach with your omnipresent store.

Why choose Magento?

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform with a vibrant developer community, which thrives around it. This is a great advantage for eCommerce sellers because Magento gives them unhindered access to develop and brand their product the way they desire virtually and operationally.
The features Magento can exclusively offer to brands vying for their share in cosmetic industry are immense.

  • Build a flawless brand presence

    The target consumers of cosmetics and beauty products are sensitive to the overall experience of the store. Magento scores high on this index. With responsive designs and great themes, creating the perfect brand pitch becomes easy.

  • Be where your customers are

    Being socially active on various platforms searching for the perfect product is part of your end customer’s journey. The information on most of these social media platforms are user-generated and represents customers’ experiences with your brand. These experiences must be shared across platforms including your website to establish your brand presence. Magento with its responsive and user-friendly designs makes you be just that.
    Enticing your customers with the personalized and platform-centric customer experience and content becomes very easy with an eCommerce platform like Magento. Do read our blog on social proof for more info on leveraging on social media for eCommerce.

  • Build a virtual experience for your customers

    Giving your customer exactly what they ask for such as embedding virtual makeup tutorials, social reviews, live chat, virtual try-on tools and other essential functions becomes easy with Magento.
    This is the main reason some of the reputed cosmetic brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Lorac trust the functionality and expertise of Magento.

  • Marketing made easy with Magento

    Who would not love a free coupons and gift cards? Magento allows you to increase repeat purchase by giving excellent offer coupons for specific customers. All this can be based on various business parameters like the point of origin, average order value, etc. Other marketing activities like targeted email campaign for customers based on their previous order or wishlist are all handled seamlessly using Magento.
    Creating these tier pricing rules, offering custom offers for the selected product, up-selling and cross-selling products is made easy in Magento. This is the main reason why Magento is a preferred eCommerce platform for the cosmetics brand.

  • Excellent Product Showcasing

    Being a cosmetics brand, it is imperative that you can highlight your products and the detailing with pinpoint precision. Displaying the custom product attributes is very important and is made possible with Magento.
    You can easily customize your products and bundle them under the various product categories. Selecting and buying your product according to the specifications of the customer is made easy in Magento.
    These are just some of the features that address the requirements of brands operating in the cosmetic industry.


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