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Project Description


The Gourmet Group is one of the leading food manufacturing and retailing companies in Egypt. Their current operations comprise of two business lines – food retailing (through Gourmet Egypt) and food manufacturing (through Gourmet Food Solutions).

Gourmet Egypt has served food lovers since 2006, offering a wide range of groceries, high-quality fresh produce, and exclusive in-house developed and manufactured products.

Gourmet Egypt operates strategically located stores across Egypt and enjoys a strong brand name. Their promise to customers is top quality and service in all they have to offer.

Always looking to serve their customers best, Gourmet Egypt invested in developing its ecommerce platform that included their webstore, mobile app, and shoppable recipes. They came a long way from a custom catalog store to an ecommerce store on Magento 1.

However, Gourmet Egypt wished to lead the market in meeting changing consumers’ habits through its retail and e-commerce operations. While Magento 1 worked well for them, they needed a more secure, fast, and scalable platform.

Hence, they decided to upgrade their store to Magento 2. Gourmet Egypt knew they had to work with a reliable vendor who could help them build a state-of-the-art e-commerce ecosystem faster.

i95Dev engaged with the Gourmet Egypt team to understand their existing systems, including Magento 1 store, Magento 2 store, RMS POS systems, and Mobile app. i95Dev team performed a code audit of all the systems and identified the list of enhancements.

The entire project was broken down into three components:

  • Magento Consulting, Audit, Update and Optimization: i95Dev helped Gourmet Egypt upgrade their store to Magento 2 Commerce while incorporating the recommendations identified during the code audit. In addition to this, i95Dev also worked with Gourmet Egypt to streamline their processes, internal and customer-facing, using extensions and automation.
  • Mobile App Integration and Development: i95Dev helped Gourmet Egypt enhance and optimize their native mobile apps for iOS and Android, add support for multiple languages, and integrate them with the Magento e-commerce store. Gourmet Egypt is expecting its sales to increase by another 30-40% because of the app.
  • POS Audit & Optimizations: i95Dev also helped Gourmet Egypt in optimizing and enhancing the integration between their Magento ecommerce store and Dynamics RMS POS system. The integration enabled Gourmet Egypt to explore options like buy online and pick up in store, manage inventory better, service customers faster, and more.