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July 31, 2012

Save Time and Money
with RMS Connect

Author Amelia Warner
Category Blog | Integration |

Magento has long been known as the most successful eCommerce platform for businesses everywhere. In order to take advantage of the many aspects of Magento, it is best to integrate it with your POS platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamics RMS. This allows you to get the maximum number of functions out of your platforms with the least amount of effort. i95Dev has created a solution that connects Magento with your RMS platform to reduce your company’s costs by reducing the need for physical manpower to manage separate software systems.
This automation, called RMS Connect, uses a web service layer that connects the two systems seamlessly. The automated process allows you to increase the efficiency and productivity of your company all at once. The numerous benefits of this extension go beyond the reduced need for manpower, it also allows for fewer systems, licenses and time required to dedicate to each system.

In order for businesses to stay successful today, they need to find a way to become cost effective, as well as time efficient. Businesses face new challenges every day; when you take advantage of simplifying your systems with RMS Connect, you can decrease the worries of the day to day operations of both Magento and your POS.

Magento RMS seamlessly integrates all important information, including customer orders, products and inventory, between your two systems. Reducing the need to manually update Magento and your RMS system individually greatly increases the time you can spend on other tasks. Allowing RMS Connect to handle the front and back-end of your business through one application allows you the freedom you need to run your business. The small one-time investment required for this system will leave you with a lifetime of benefits.

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