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September 30, 2020

Selling on Amazon Made Easy :
Magento Extension vs. M2E Pro

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Every Magento user and store owner on the world’s most popular eCommerce platform, dreams of selling on the world’s most popular marketplace – Amazon. These are not just dreams but having your presence on Amazon has now become a necessity.

Marketing your website thoroughly, creating a personalized experience, attracting new and right customers, etc. is not an easy task at all. Therefore, integrating Magento eStore with Amazon is exceptionally crucial in upscaling sales and marketing of the business. It not only gives all the added features the eCommerce giant has to offer, but also provides you with a wider reach and global presence. It just takes a single integration between Magento and Amazon for your dreams to come true.

But again, selling on Amazon isn’t a walk in the park. It comes with several challenges handling both Magento and Amazon from the same instance.

Common challenges merchants face while selling on Amazon:

  • Category restrictions- Getting an approval for selling in a particular category can be tough.
  • Customer returns- Managing customer returns is chaotic, considering the additional tasks after the product is returned, i.e, re-packaging, re-selling and so on.
  • Changing sales tax laws- Adhering to every state’s tax laws that keep changing from time to time is not an easy task.
  • Order fulfillment- If you are selling through the Amazon FBA program, fulfilling orders can be easy; however, managing product reviews and associated seller feedback is not always related to you but may affect customer choices adversely.
  • Excessive competition and pricing issues- Dealing with extreme competition leads to several pricing and strategy changes.

Below are two options to integrate Magento with Amazon:

OPTION 1: Magento Amazon Sales Channel

Magento Amazon Sales Channel:
What is Magento Amazon Sales Channel?

Magento Amazon Sales Channel is an extension provided by Magento that enables merchants to sell on Amazon seamlessly. The integration between Amazon Seller Central Account and Magento allows both automation & synchronization of the product and order data and much more.

Features of Magento Amazon Sales Channel

  • Direct connection to US, Canadian, Mexican, and UK Amazon marketplaces
  • Easy product synchronization with Amazon store
  • Advanced pricing rules
  • Options to use the FBA feature, fulfill your own orders, or a combination of both
  • Better order process, customer, inventory, and shipping management
  • B2B volume-tiered pricing feature
  • Currency conversion tool supporting multiple currencies
  • Easy sorting of rules for products listed on Amazon and other channels
  • Advanced product listing, detail log view, etc.

For detailed Magento Amazon Sales Channel features description stay tuned….


Magento Amazon Sales Channel is absolutely FREE! An Amazon Seller Central Account is all you require to get started.
What is M2E Pro?
M2E Pro is the Magento native integration for marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart. It is a Magento technology partner, eBay Certified provider, Amazon Developer Council member, and Walmart strategic collaborator.

Features of M2E Pro

  • List and manage all the Magento products catalog on Amazon
  • Easy and real-time synchronization of inventory, dispatch, and orders from Magento system
  • Single source of data management from Magento backend
  • Leverage B2B customer management features
  • “Win” Amazon “Buy Box” customers with M2E Pro enhanced support of Amazon Business.


M2E Pro only starts charging once you exceed the mark of $10,000 in monthly sales. All you need is to download the extension, install it, and start using it right away!
Comparison: Magento Amazon Sales Channel Vs. M2E Pro

Tools Magento Amazon Sales Channel M2E Pro
Countries US, Canada, Mexico, UK UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Netherlands, Mexico, USA and, Canada
Price Free Ranges from $0 to $1000 based on Monthly Sales
Products Yes Yes
Product Attributes Yes Yes
Category Yes Yes
Inventory Yes Yes
Repricing Yes Yes
Orders Yes Yes
Tracking Information Yes Yes
FBA Yes Yes
Amazon Business Yes Yes


Both Magento Amazon Sales Channel and M2E PRO serve the same purpose of integration with almost similar features and benefits.

The only difference lies in the pricing terms and locations available. As mentioned in the pricing section, Magento Amazon Sales Channel comes for FREE, whereas M2E PRO starts charging as soon as you surpass $10,000 in monthly sales.

Collaborate with i95Dev
i95Dev has been in the eCommerce industry for decades. We have helped over 180+ merchants, small and medium-size businesses set up their eCommerce stores. I95dev has helped them integrate their Magento stores with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, and integrate Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One ERP with Magento.

We are proud to be Magento Certified Partners, with over 200+ Magento Certified Developers.

Being passionate about eCommerce, we go an extra mile in serving our clients every time.

Difficult to trust? Here’s our proof, check out our success stories!

Amazon Integration Success Story
Pro Audio Star is a well-known online retailer of musical instruments, one of our dear clients, based in Brooklyn, New York. Most of their traffic comes from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Reverb & Online Ecommerce Store on the Magento Platform.

Issues: They faced several problems in managing third-party marketplaces from a single instance and order management, inventory, competitive pricing and so on.

Solution: i95Dev implemented the Magento M2E Pro extension on their Magento eCommerce store. Pro Audio Star had few additional requirements with product attributions and technical specifications; hence i95Dev customized M2E Pro extension to sync their information to respective marketplaces.

i95Dev implemented its GP Connector for integration between Dynamics GP ERP system and Magento. Since most of the traffic is from Amazon, it was much essential for order tracking information to sync immediately to Magento and then from Magento.

Success: Pro Audio Star now functions on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other marketplaces will full efficiency overcoming all the issues with the implementation by i95Dev.

Made up your mind? Now is the right time!

Contact us now, call us or drop a quick email, and get a free consultation to know which of the options mentioned above would best suit your business.

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