July 16, 2019

Why Integrate Dynamic Business
Central with Magento?

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By removing the recurring company tasks, integrating Dynamic Magento Business Central permits the business users to focus on enhancing sales, improving customer relationship, and devoting more time to innovations to their products and their services.  Many integration options are available with Business Central E-commerce, but intensive knowledge and hands-on experience of developers and technical architects claim integration of Magento with Business Central takes an e-commerce business to the next level in no time.

Industries were struggling hard to reduce time, energy, and resources in terms of Business Operations and thus attracted several solutions to accomplish it. After a while, it has also become a challenge to choose the most appropriate technical architecture to integrate. Here, Dynamic Business central can be combined with a lot of other solutions existing in the market to make B2B integrations more dynamic. The Business central eCommerce integration with Magento streamlines front end and back-office operations and helps the user to integrate all applications to achieve business goals.

Easy Order Management

New sales order and associated billing and customer details are automatically synchronized from Magento to Business Central e-commerce, reduces the processing time and enables rapid fulfillment. Indeed, the Order Management system is a critical aspect of E-commerce. In some companies, order management has become very crucial and essential. Magento Business Central, it helps to handle to grow volumes of order and fluctuations. The system is capable and sufficient to avoid any order delays. On placing an order all the sales recorded in the Magento interface gets converted instantly into Microsoft Dynamic Business Central Sales order, it includes the orders placed by the guest customer also. Orders placed on the web are synchronized back to the Microsoft Dynamic Business Central as a sales order. The process gives flexibility and opportunity to Dynamics Business Central Magento users for checking payment, order approval process, and even customer validation. With us, the business central e-commerce owners can also choose which web order should be approved and synchronized back to the Microsoft Dynamic Business Central.

Easy Financial Management

The integration improves financial forecast accuracy by analyzing data accuracy across multiple dimensions. Magento is a rich platform with many user-friendly options, and Business Central e-commerce provides strong financial management capabilities at the core of its functionality. It is not meant to be underestimated as the general ledger features allow users to quickly set up and start working on recurring journals, chart of accounts, and general journals. Business users can also keep track of assets and all the related transactions like depreciation, appreciation, disposal, and acquisition. Best in charts financial performance in real-time with built-in Power BI dashboard.

Improves Customer experience

Customer experience imperative for the success of a business irrespective of the altitude of its technical complexities. Your customer is always updated about at each stage of their order fulfillment. Dynamic Business Central, when integrating with Magento, gives the Power and scalable experience to increase customer engagement and thus enhance the overall customer experience. The system is well equipped to prioritize all sales lead and keep updated track of all the potential customer interactions. Throughout the entire sales cycle, it enables cross-sell, best upsell, and renewal opportunities. In a B2B scenario, business users can quickly take actions on sales-related inquiries, process payments, and manage services.

Easy Product Information

Updated product information is very complex in e-commerce, and companies are required to update product information quite often and very accurately. Business is dependent if the clients are attracted to the product; otherwise, they lose the client and the revenue. Dynamics Business Central Magento integration makes both business and consumers to experience the real-time experience, which is the key fundamental of any e-commerce experience.

Supply Chain Management

Dynamic Business Central helps e-commerce businesses to keep track of their supply chain cycle, starting from managing orders and inventory. Companies are able to process sales orders, manage and post transactions and receivables. When your businesses are running on Magento with integrating Magento and Business central, it helps to manage inventory levels, accounts, and tracks for inventory in transit.  The features also provide massive support to warehouse management through Business Central depending on how to process the orders and the volumes of the order the business receives.

Benefits of Dynamic Business Central

  • Cloud-based: The solution offers minimum upgrades and enables remote access. Users can create a single login for the entire system like Power BI, Power Query, Power apps and Dynamics and Office 365.
  • Saas licensing: It includes no hardware cost, infrastructure cost, and upfront license investment costs. Provides flexibility to increase or decrease your license volumes easily. All patches, hotfixes, and upgrades are included in monthly subscription pricing.
  • GDPR compliance: It provides the capability to protect the data of your consumers. Product users can use built-in privacy methodologies to help the business comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Business Central Magento has default values and information for handling the privacy of the consumers which is compliance with GDPR

The Magento Dynamics Business Central provides the easiest and intelligent workflows so far. i95Dev leveraged the functionality of the Business Central E-commerce by learning center, providing constant support. Businesses can deploy and use the integration to experience the most technical capabilities of contributing to business operations, innovations, handle customer management. Magento Business Central Connect is a solution that helps your e-commerce business and remains competitive while streaming services and process. Contact us for more info.

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