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April 10, 2014

Why Magento is considered as the
best eCommerce platform –Part 2

Author Charlie Brown
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In our Introductory blog around Magento we have explained few reasons –Why Magento eCommerce is considered to be the best eCommerce platform and always been the first choice of every retailer? The second blog in Magento series highlights few useful Magento Enterprise features and talks about how retailers can leverage them to maximize the potential of their eCommerce business
We have compiled a list of Magento Enterprise Edition features that will provide you immediate benefits and help you increase online sales.

  • Private Sales & Personalized shopping Private sales, the new and exciting feature in Magento Enterprise Edition, are a different type of online marketing that can change the way you do business online. With Private sales, you can offer special deals to a select group of customers for a limited time and enhance customer loyalty. Merchants can now use this feature to provide members-only specials, create a private sale website, or B2B sites. Private sales also offer communication channels that allow your customers to share their excitement with their social circles through social media. However, managing the exclusive merchandise that is involved with these sales can be difficult without the right tools. You need to use the best tools available to manage your supply chain and create the timeframes necessary to complete these private sales successfully
  • Persistent Shopping Cart– This feature enable customer to add a product to their shopping cart from one browser session at work, review his shopping cart, can change the product configuration from his mobile device and finally complete the transaction from the computer at home (session login required initially per browser/device combination to establish the long-term cookie) creating a seamless shopping experience across multiple devices .The persistent behavior actually reduces customers frustration when they try to access their shopping cart from multiple browsers .Additionally it gives merchant the ability to provide promotion according to pre-defined segmentation rules, encouraging consumers to add items to the shopping cart and complete their purchase.
  • Dynamics Rule based product relation– In an entire eCommerce space, cross–selling and upselling are two product recommendation methods that will help to increase your onsite conversions. To create enhanced shopping experience, Magento Enterprise is equipped with “Rule-Based Product Relations” that simply enables these marketing tactics and target specific customer group with product recommendations. The best thing about this feature is once you have written the rule for it, you can forget about it. Magento will automatically assign the associated cross-sell, upsell and related products to each item in your catalogue
  • Advanced Search –Normally you spend countless hours to learn what your customer desire, how they shop online, terminologies they use to describe products and understanding their shopping behavior. Your entire user experience and visuals are a result of these findings. But Question here is- how your customers will find what they need on your Webstore? One simple way is through site search. Magento Enterprise edition is equipped with the most advanced feature “Search term Management” to make your products easier to find. With this feature you can add, edit search terms, can review all the key words and phrases your customers are searching for on your website. Moreover you can also review which terms are the most popular and least used to update your product detail page (PDP) key words accordingly. Moreover Magento Enterprise is bundled with SOLR, the powerful search tool, to make it absolutely convenient for your customers to find what they are looking for.
  • Returns Merchandise Authorization –Customers aren’t always happy with their purchase, making it necessary for all retailers to have an easy method for returns or exchanges. The Return Merchandize Authorization in Magento makes the process simple for both you and your customers. The Magento RMA feature allows customers to request a refund for their purchase when they are dissatisfied with the product. There is no hassle of phone calls or emails involved; customers simply send the RMA request online. Upon receipt, the retailer can either accept or deny the request, making it a seamless process for everyone involved. In addition to the ease of requesting the refund, retailers can also generate a shipping label for customers to use to make the return process even easier. The label can be automatically generated, allowing customers to simply affix the label to their package and ship it back to the retailer.


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