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April 2, 2014

Why Magento is considered as
Best eCommerce Platform? – Part 1

Author Amelia Warner
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Not all e-commerce platforms were created equal, which is why it’s worth the time to choose the best possible solution based on your business’ needs and budget. With its high degree of flexibility and adaptability, Magento’s open-source solution is among the highest-rated on the market. Magento offers a robust and feature-rich platform which provides the best solution to the ever-greater e-commerce challenges.
Here are just a few key reasons Magento ranks so highly:

  • Highest Adoption – Magento currently is the most adopted e-commerce cart, with more than 200,000 clients. A survey conducted by Alexa (an Amazon-owned company) in February 2013 found that Magento is the leading e-commerce cart with more than 26% of e-commerce sites using Magento. In another study conducted by ahead Works in July 2013, Magento leads the pack with around a 35% share.
  • Brand Heavyweight – Magento is owned by eBay Inc., a global leader in e-commerce technology which enables them to offer customers, partners, and community members a wealth of experience and resources in commerce-related technologies, as well as access to world-class, branded capabilities from eBay Marketplaces, PayPal, GSI Commerce, and others.
  • Scalability – While traffic on an e-commerce site can be very seasonal, the best solutions will perform efficiently through traffic peaks and valleys. Magento was designed with scalability in mind and hence is very efficient and capable of handling very high traffic volume.
  • Rock-Solid Support – Magento’s global community of partners and developers offers strong and reliable support for Magento users. Also Magento is built on PHP, which is more popular and more widely adopted than Asp.Net, which makes it easier, and less costly, to find the right resources.
  • Universe of Extensions – A wide range of extensions, both free and paid, are available for Magento. Users have only to name a requirement, and there already exists an extension to meet that need. This also ensures that Magento customers can better adjust to their target market’s demands.
  • User Friendly – Create an ecommerce store which is not only very appealing for your customers but also easy to manage and customize. Magento provides businesses with an intuitive and easy to use admin panel to manage multiple stores from a single interface. The same admin interface can be used not only to customize the store but also to create and manage customer records, orders, products, invoices and analytics.
  • Marketing Muscle– Magento is equipped with a number of marketing tools like deals, coupons, private sales, loyalty programs, and integrations to promote products on multiple social networking sites.Moreover, Magento’s advanced CMS support for detailed product description, images and integrated video content can be used to attract and retain your customers’ attention.
  • SEO-Friendly – Magento is an SEO-friendly platform; this allows your website to rank better on search pages. It includes SEO elements such as Meta content, use of the canonical tag, top-level URLs, search-friendly URLs, and even redirecting functionality.

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