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March 26, 2021

Adobe Summit 2021:
Experience the Digital Future

Author i95Dev Marketing

Adobe Summit 2020: Recap

The Adobe Summit 2020 was a landmark moment for unnumbered digital marketers in multiple ways. It marked a moment of metamorphosis in the history of digital technology.   

Due to the COVID-19 outspread, the Summit was hosted virtually, shedding light on the urgency for stronger digital experiences. The social distancing policies highlighted the gaps that must be filled by brands in their digital transformation endeavours. 

The Adobe Summit 2020 pinpointed the significance of supporting the needs of customers in an almost completely virtual world. The free on-demand event established the fact that digital isn’t merely transforming daily lives; it’s driving the economy as well.

Here are the key takeaways of the Adobe Summit 2020:

  • Digital meets real – Technology has blurred the lines between real life and the digital world. It is advisable for brands to interact with society at many different touchpoints with the help of their digital tools.
  • Customer Experience is Key – Consumers expect their favourite brands to deliver outstanding experiences at every touchpoint. Brands should analyze customer data and leverage it to improve customer experience and stay ahead of the competition. 
  • Marketo Engage – Adobe Experience Cloud’s Marketo Engage united marketing and sales by leveraging big data and AI to recognize the best fit accounts in a flash. 
  • Magento 2.4 – Magento announced the release of Magento 2.4, which focuses on progressive web applications (PWA) and omnichannel. It strengthens Magento Commerce by offering profound public APIs and top-notch authoring capabilities. 
  • Breakout sessions – The Adobe Summit 2020 witnessed more than 100 breakout sessions that focused on leveraging communication strategies by taking care of sensitivity and re-aligning customer experience in the changing dynamics of the market.
  • Cookie-less future – Google decided to abandon cookies in the next two years, thereby, eliminating access to third-party data. In simpler terms, marketers now must reinvent the wheel and create personalized experiences for customers.
  • Customer journey analytics – It has always been very difficult to get all your customer experience data in one place, stitch it together, organize it, and find an analyst who can make sense and extract value out of it. The Adobe Summit 2020 saw the power of Adobe Experience Platform, where you can organize your online and offline data in the Experience Data Model. Thereafter, you can push over to Adobe Analytics Workspace where you can monitor customer pathing across online and offline touchpoints and measure each one’s contribution to your revenue.    

Adobe Summit 2021

Be a part of the engaging virtual event to enhance your skills and take inspiration from influential thinkers to grow your business and offer exceptional customer experience.

Why attend the Adobe Summit 2021?

Customer experiences have surpassed all factors that can be classified as key brand differentiators. In the end, it is the experience that matters!

The major highlight of the Adobe Summit 2021 is – Customer Experience. When you prioritize the customer experience in your business strategy, you become an experienced business. Then every single interaction contributes to business growth.

Here you will learn how to make every customer interaction valuable. Companies that invest in customer experience have witnessed greater customer retention, higher conversion rates, and increased revenue growth. 

Enhance your skillset

You have the golden opportunity to learn from over 200 sessions and training workshops across 11 session tracks:

  • Adobe Experience Platform
  • B2B Marketing and ABM
  • Analytics, Insights, and Activation
  • Collaborative Work Management
  • Digital Document Productivity
  • Campaign Management
  • Trends and Inspiration
  • Digital Commerce
  • Personalization
  • Content CreationDeveloper Ecosystem

What’s more?

  • Get the latest trends and insights for growing your business exponentially.
  • Acquire knowledge about Adobe’s technology vision and strategy.
  • Be inspired to create incredible customer experiences.
  • Get connected with your peers in the experience maker community.
  • Plan and pave a successful career by becoming an experienced expert.
  • Discover Adobe Experience Cloud’s comprehensive set of tools.
  • Gain valuable insights, be familiar with advanced tools and acquire inspiration for creating great experiences.

i95Dev – Sponsor

Being Adobe Silver Solution Partner, we take immense pride in being a sponsor of the Adobe Summit 2021.  

We design, develop, and deploy solutions using Adobe Experience Cloud. i95Dev was honoured with the silver status based on technical proficiency and customer satisfaction.

Launching EGE – eCommerce Growth Engine 

i95Dev is more than happy to inform you that we are soon launching our new product – EGE. It is a feature-rich omnichannel ERP integrated eCommerce solution, powered by Magento, for Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and other ERP systems. 

EGE promises higher customer loyalty, enhanced inventory management, a single dashboard for storing centralised data, improved customer experience, and higher return on investment.

The solution enables retailers, manufacturers, and distributors to streamline operations, offer engaging shopping experiences, drive sales, and establish themselves as a global brand. 

i95Dev’s EGE solution is easy to deploy, comprises a scalable architecture, and flaunts elastic search along with UI builder and multiple themes.

Key benefits of EGE:

  • Increase your sales with its multi-channel feature, cross-selling, and upselling
  • Multiple payment and shipping options reduce cart abandonment
  • Secure, safe, and exclusive shopping experience
  • Seamless ERP integrations enable streamlined order fulfillment, unified customer information, and consistent product information.
  • Advanced B2B and B2C modules
  • Increase conversions with dynamic product catalogs, custom landing pages, and constant innovation.
  • Offer enhanced customer experience with layered navigation, multi-address checkout, auto payment capture, process orders partially, and enhanced flexibility with order edit.


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