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November 2, 2020

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Tips
to Increase Online Sales 2020

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As per Statista, Retail eCommerce sales in the United States contributed to $374 billion in 2020 and is predicted to rise to $476 billion by 2024. 

As you see an exponential rise in eCommerce sales over the years, there is high competition between the merchants. Hence, getting your eCommerce marketing strategy right is extremely important.

This article will help you build the right strategy and yield the expected results. Let’s start!

  • Videos are not just an option anymore

Videos, videos, and videos! More than 85% of the United States citizens spend time watching videos every week. Videos are among the top most content forms used by people for consuming information, entertainment, music, How to or DIY tips, etc.  

The shorter, the better! Short videos are a trend these days. Customers tend to watch a video for a minute rather than reading the complete product description. They find videos more engaging and lively rather than reading plain text. 

So, if you have not tried video marketing yet, this is the time!

  • Omni channel is the new must have

Just your presence online is not enough. Marketing your products across channels is exceptionally crucial. It is the time where every piece of information is twisted as per the platform/ channel it is to be marketed on.

 It does not mean that marketing on every channel is necessary; however, identify your target audience and focus on specific channels.

Omnichannel marketing also makes the brand visible.

For example: If you deal with some really funky clothing line or sporty shoes, Instagram would be the right marketing choice. As Instagram is the most popular platform amongst youngsters and especially teens who might love your products.

  • Great customer support

Customers can easily find the products from multiple options in the market. But what nudges them to come back to your website is the way you treat them. A quick and warm experience is what is appreciated. 

Most of the hugely successful brands have ruled in providing quicker responses by adopting Chatbots, an Artificial Intelligence solution. 

80% of businesses plan to use Chatbots by this year. It is also predicted that Chatbots will be responsible for business cost savings of over $8 Billion annually by 2022. 

Having skilled customer representatives is also necessary. They must be capable enough to solve the customer’s problem then and there without long waiting times and avoid taking minor issues to the higher management. 

  • Social Media is the new marketplace

Social Media is one of the most popular online platforms. Moreover, it has become an integral part of daily internet usage. As per Statista, this year, over 3.6 Billion people were using social media worldwide, while the number is projected to increase to almost 4.41 Billion in 2025.

Internet users between 18 and 34 are most likely to make purchases as they tend to spend more time on the social networking platform. Facebook being the most popular platform, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram is no less.

Global active usage penetration of leading social networks:

                                                                                      Image credits: Statista

  • Work on your website

Create a mobile-friendly website. The daily time spent on mobile phones is predicted to be 155 minutes, considerably less than the time spent on the desktop, which is 37 minutes

From easy navigations and page load speed to visible Call-to-Actions buttons, the overall experience should be user-friendly. A fast loading website is what customers highly expect. Enhanced websites with mobile optimization prove an increased conversion rate. 

Enabling your website in multiple languages is a good trick. It also brings a personalization factor that customers highly appreciate and is also a perfect fit for a particular target sector.

  • Feed customers with supporting content

Content is the King! Information is what people look for. Feeding customers with the supporting content related to your products/services is like hitting the right door in a maze.

For example, many beauty product brands provide free content about how to take care of your skin, what type of skin would suit a particular product or range, etc. 

Showcase your expertise in the industry/domain with the quality content you provide for free on your website. This nudges the customers to visit repeatedly, increasing the chances of converting a visitor to a customer who has built trust over time.

  • Entertain customers on your website

Entertaining your customers on your website is like keeping them happy and hooked where you want them to be. This is a trick for nudging customers to spend more time on your website, which increases the chance of a conversion.  

There are many ways to entertain:

  • Create a game zone and announce exclusive prizes for the winners
  • Polls on peoples preference over a product is a good option 
  • First Buy exclusive gifts
  • Some fun/interactive videos is a good way


                                                                                      Image Credits: Amazon App

Customers respond well to such activities. Hence your website is not just remembered to shop but also for fun and entertainment. 

  • Connect with influencers

The influencer marketing industry has grown from $500 Million in 2015 to a massive $10 Billion in 2020. Social media influencers have built a set of devoted following through their content creation. Connecting with these influencers increases the reach of your brand to a group of the target audience. 

These influencers spread awareness about your product or services. Viewers look for product-related information and reviews on all platforms. YouTube influencers are a trend and have proved to be of great benefit to fashion brands. 

                                                                                     Image credits: Mediakix

  • Customer reviews and testimonials

Last but not least, fuel your other marketing efforts with customer reviews and testimonials. These play a vital role in influencing the decision making of potential customers. 

Before buying any expensive product, honest customer reviews is what many people look for. The buyer behavior changes based on the majority of positive or negative reviews.


These are the essential eCommerce digital marketing ways one should add to the list in 2020. As we all know, the most awaited season of the year is here. And, preparing for this festive season sales must be on your priority list and marketing must be done right and well in advance.

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