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January 30, 2014

B2B eCommerce – Sales
Person Module for Magento

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For many B2B sales managers, it’s relatively easy to access customer and inventory information from the office, but can be extremely difficult to support a sales team and their customers when they are in the field. Sales personnel in the field often rely heavily on office staff to gather information to support their sales efforts, via phone calls, e-mails or text messages. Even a small mistake in information exchange could have a detrimental effect on your business by disappointing your customer. The ability to be responsive to customers while in the field is essential in order to maximize sales and maintain satisfaction.

We at i95Dev understand how important it is to have this support while on the go. That’s why our i95Dev Sales Person Module is an excellent solution to this problem. It allows sales personnel to access all the essential information required to close sales anytime anywhere. This information includes creating sales orders, managing inventory, accessing sales order history and any other relevant information that is included in the ERP system. Even if your CRM is not integrated with your ERP, i95Dev Sales Person module allows you to fetch information directly from your Magento store.

How i95Dev’s Sales Person Module Work?
Our Sales Person Module allows you, as admin, to create and update sales personnel profiles in Magento.
Sales Person Creation

Sales Person Update

After creating the Sales Person profile, you may then assign customers to the sales personnel in Magento.
Assigning Sales Person

Once assigned, the sales person can then interact with the customers, assigned to him/her, through his/her sales person login. Any order generated henceforth for the customer will be automatically assigned to this designated sales person for further follow-up.

The Magento admin can also assign any existing, pending orders in Magento to a particular sales person; the sales person may then support the customer by logging into their sales person account.

A sales person, assigned to a particular customer, can create an order on behalf of the customer using his/her sales person login. This option could be used whether in the office or on a mobile device in the field.

The sales person can also create new customers that are automatically assigned to them. Any changes in the assignment of the customer to a sales person can be done by the admin.

It will no longer be a problem to calculate sales commissions, as the i95Dev Sales Person Module automates payments of commission to sales staff, as per order processing, or according to other criteria.

What your business gains?
Magento is one of the most highly regarded and flexible options for e-commerce businesses today. By pairing your Magento storefront with the i95Dev Sales Person extension, you will experience a range of benefits that can streamline and optimize your business processes in the following ways:

  • With past customer order information  and current inventory numbers at the salesperson’s fingertips, order sizes can grow via up-selling and cross-selling
  • Fewer errors and shorter response times to customers’ requests will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reducing back orders or stock-outs, thanks to accurate inventory numbers, will allow order fulfillment/shipping to service only the most important and timely orders
  • By feeling as if their sales rep is personalizing their service, customers will again show an increased level of satisfaction and loyalty to your business

With our i95Dev Sales Person module, you will not only improve upon your existing processes but also help the customers by enabling salespeople to function more efficiently. Further, with i95Dev’s Magento Ecommerce and Dynamics GP Integration add-on, you can sync this information with your Dynamics GP ERP system streamlining your business operations further and reducing inefficiencies.
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How can i95Dev help?
If you want to improve upon sales and increase productivity, please feel free to connect with us at give us a call at 301.760.7499.

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