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Migrate to Magento2
And Scale up Swiftly

Accelerate the performance of your online store with magento2 And Offer seamless experiences that your customers love

Why Migrate to Magento 2?

Magento 2 comes packed with features that allow you to transform the most complex combinations of products, pricing, filters, and backend processes into easy, streamlined experiences for your customers.

Go to market quickly with Magento eCommerce

Improved Integration Support

Unmatched Performance Capabilities

Streamlined Checkout

User-friendly Admin Interface

Engaging Customer Experience

Advanced Technology Stack

Are you ready to move to Magento 2?

i95Dev offers Agility and Speed for Magento Migration
i95Dev’s 5 step approach to Magento 2 migration:

Create the Blueprint

Review business goals, eCommerce strategy and design requirements to create the blueprint.

Lay the Foundation

Create a robust development plan that reduces risk and time-to-market, leveraging our deep technical knowledge and end-to-end commerce experience

Build the Framework

Migrate data from M1 store to M2 store and take care of online store infrastructure and environment requirements

Give it Shape

Modify the store theme, install required extensions and take care of any integrations and customizations.

Give the Final Touches

Thoroughly test the Magento 2 site to ensure superior performance of the online store.

Partnering with i95Dev, Gourmet Egypt was able to streamline its processes across physical stores,
e-commerce store, and mobile app and saw amazing turnaround after they migrated their store
from Magento 1 to Magento 2.
This resulted in:


increase in sales over the previous month


decrease in spam/junk traffic than before


improvement in page load time

Want to know an estimate on migration time? Assess your migration complexity with i95Dev’s app.

Get a quick report on how complex your current version of Magento is to estimate the time for migration. All you have to do is to copy the files, launch the app, and get started.

Analyze your eStore

Professional Magento Enterprise Solution Partner

i95Dev has been at the forefront of Magento evolution for more than a decade. In this span, we have associated ourselves with some of the biggest brands in the e-commerce industry both B2B and B2C. We have provided customized Magento e-commerce solutions to e-commerce merchants by analyzing their precise business requirements. Now with things getting exciting in Magento’s universe, we can definitely say the time to begin your Magento 2 migration is ‘Now’.


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