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August 20, 2019

Managing eCommerce Order Fulfillment with
Dynamics Business Central & Magento 2

Author Kasyapa Malladi
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With an ever-increasing demand for online purchasing, competition and pressure accelerate for e-shops to optimize order fulfillment. There are multiple challenges to overcome while managing an eCommerce store, like setting expectations for customers for an overall experience, which is the basis for order fulfillment. Manual data transfer is not scalable once the order count shoots up. To stay ahead of your competition, you need to be at the forefront of technology and adopt new strategies for managing your business by introducing systems and processes to enhance this ambition.

To maximize visibility, integrating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions is needed. Business Central & Magento 2 make headway under the limelight when spoken of ERP systems for order fulfillment. They help you make quick decisions by steadily connecting financials, sales, service, and operations to streamline business processes, which consecutively improve customer interaction. This makes the entire process seamless from the front to the back end and gives an opportunity to revise and improve the order fulfillment process. Integrating your eCommerce management system stimulates order fulfillment with quick order movement from your eCommerce store to your warehouse management systems.

Dynamics Business Central and Magento 2 for eCommerce are all-in-one business management solutions that are easy to use and adapt, helping you grow your chances of successful order fulfillment. They offer a range of flexible tools that cover any and all of your advanced marketing, SEO and catalog-management needs.

The complete process from sales inquiry to the delivery of products is known as Order Fulfillment. It includes webpage management (presentation of products and details mentioned), selection of products (adding to bag or wishlist), placing an order, approval of the order, payment structure, tracking order, and delivery to the customers. Hence, receiving, processing, and delivering products to satisfy customers and augment their return rate is successful order fulfillment.

Further, in this blog, we have explained how features of Dynamics Business Central and Magento 2 help manage eCommerce order fulfillment.

  • Enhance your business agility by automating & securing your supply chain:
    Magento 2 and Business Central for eCommerce empower merchants by providing efficiency that facilitates rapid growth. Pre-built intelligence predicts the time when restocking would be required, and what would be needed to restock. This ultimately helps you in saving a lot of capital, as you’re only purchasing what you require and how much of it you require. Magento 2 and Business central also assist in suggesting substitutes to customers when the products go out of stock. Successively, you achieve productive order fulfillment for your e-store with Business Central and Magento 2 for eCommerce. They make your business more responsive, effective and resilient than ever and help expand with confidence.
  • Upgrade the shopping experience by improving customer service:
    The core to order fulfillment by Business Central and Magento 2 is an engaging, seamless and personalized customer experience across any eCommerce store. The shopping experience of customers grew exponentially after the introduction of these programs in eCommerce. This technology prioritizes your sales by keeping in tab and assessing all kinds of interactions you’ve had with your customers, and carefully evaluates your sales cycle to suggest to present you with renewal opportunities. eCommerce with Magento 2 and Business Central lets you react at a faster pace to requests related to services, payment processing, and inquiries of any kind.
  • Timely manage orders within budget:
    This software encourages you to create, manage, and track orders using timesheets. You can plan with precision by developing, modifying and controlling budget to ensure project profitability. They assist you in evaluating sales cycles and plan your utmost capacity, sales percentage of the products and this results in better management of resources. Dynamics Business Central and Magento 2 for eCommerce help e-stores to make qualitative and quantitative analysis to make calls with a live insight into the metrics of resources, profitability attained, and most importantly, the status of the project. These platforms can be used for everything from processing customer orders and making quotes to creating purchase orders and invoices.
  • Enterprise Operations, scalability, and performance:
    Dynamic Business Central and Magento 2 manage sales forecasts and give you updates on stocks that are about to run out. This process is automatic, and helps in creating purchase orders in advance, to avoid running out of products. You are provided with a total view of the inventory, which helps in fulfilling orders and optimizing the process of warehousing. These programs track every item transaction and movement. To reach optimal output levels, integrate Dynamic Business Central and Magento 2 for eCommerce, they feature over 50% faster page load speed across pages. This enhances performance and results in successful order fulfillment.
  • Protect privacy and provide secure payment gateway:
    Security is a key component prioritized by Dynamics Business Central and Magento 2 to provide protection to your business and customer’s personal details. You can store your personal data freely across systems and protect it from unauthorized access. You can utilize privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default methodologies contributed by these technologies to help your business comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Grant and restrict access to personal data on multiple levels and enable audit trails to ensure security and accountability to create order fulfillment by Business Central & Magento 2.
  • Open flexible architecture with easy maintenance & upgrades:
    Powered by an entirely new, next-generation architecture, Dynamics Business Central and Magento 2 provide flexibility to bring your eCommerce vision to life. An appreciated architecture empowers the functionality, providing unparallel scope & flexibility. With both, an “on-premise” and an “in the cloud” version present, Dynamic Business Central and Magento 2  provide an identical user experience in both versions.

eStore owners using both the products now have all of the processes and workflows for handling customer service issues and order fulfillment. The operators of Dynamics Business Central and Magento 2 value an appreciated response time that creates loyal and satisfied customers.
We at i95Dev aim to make eCommerce easier for your business with our technology. Our services help small to medium-sized eCommerce cut down the response time and free up staff, which translates into order fulfillment. Engage with us to deliver your customers a world-class shopping experience and increase your customer appeal by helping them find products, get information, and check out with greater ease.

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