December 10, 2019

6 Marketing Strategies to boost
your Holiday Season eCommerce Sales

Author i95Dev Admin

You should be proud of yourself for surviving on Black Friday – Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend. Not just survived but you must have witnessed a huge hike in your sales and revenue this time. So pat on your back for a great job and give yourself a small treat for the super success.
Then quickly windup your celebrations and pull up your socks for Christmas sales. Even though the BFCM weekend in November has a bigger picture for holiday season sales but the maximum revenue is collected in the month of December.

In 2018, the festive season retail e-commerce collection amounted to 119.54 billion USD as per Statista. While the Black Friday sales were just $6.22 billion. So you know how important it is to continue working throughout the festive season and not just for the BFCM weekend. It is a consistent month of shopping and people keep buying gifts for not just themselves but friends and family.
Below are some of the most effective marketing strategies that are must to incorporate in your eCommerce strategy this festive season.

Top 6 marketing strategies to increase your e-commerce with Christmas sales:

Get a festive look of your eStore

Let the landing pages be the first to promote your Christmas sales. Design the landing pages to be different than usual and more festive and engaging. Creating eye-catching landing pages and headlines makes the first look appealing to the customer. This is one of the best marketing strategies to attract and invite your visitors to make a conversion.

Load with digital gifts

Even if people are on their toes on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, there are still some who miss the golden opportunity. Or a few lazy ones wait for the last minute. By the time they wake up, the sale is over and even the speediest delivery won’t arrive with your Christmas gift on 25th morning. In this case, the digital gift cards play a vital role in the ones who missed and were late to grab the chance. According to Riskifield, 30% of orders placed the day before Christmas are for digital goods.

Email Marketing is a must

The most effective way to spread awareness about your festive sale is by running email marketing campaigns. Sending holiday special deals over emails makes the customers inquisitive about the sale. In addition to this marketing strategy is making these emails personalized. Customers find personalized emails appealing. Not just discount emails but reminder emails also work wonders by urging the customers to make purchases.

Referral programs are the new word-of-mouth

Referral programs and rewards on inviting a friend and family are what people are crazy about today. It acts as the new word-of-mouth marketing strategy in today’s digital world.This has proven to be a great technique to increase sales and profits during the Christmas sale season. But these referral programs should not stop there and continue by also offering benefits for the new user by a referral. It can be in the form of ‘free shipping for the first time user’ or maybe ‘express shipping before 25th morning’ etc.

Social media is the new marketplace

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, etc. are the new marketplaces. These are the places where people are present in massive amounts already and where you can widen your reach just like selling on any other marketplace like Amazon. But at the same time, it should be noted that all these viewers can just be visitors and not potential customers. Therefore, to convert them, your brand’s visibility should be extremely promising.It is the visual aspect that matters on social media, and hence your imagery should clearly display your great deals and discounts with attractive banners and videos.

Organize contests and games

Organizing contests and games are customer engaging marketing strategies that prove to be very effective. You can offer additional discounts gifts for those who win. People love to compete and moreover, people love free gifts! You can also bound it for a limited period, which keeps the customers waiting for the next time the game to go live.

Finally, the point is to communicate that the BFCM weekend is not the only time to concentrate on sales. But the festive month of December is the one to shoot up your revenue for the year. During this period every online store offers all kinds of discounts but you need to stand out in the race and win the game. However, this is only possible if your promotion is done right! And that can be done effectively by using the above marketing strategies.
Not just the festive marketing strategies but to incorporate any eCommerce strategy you need to have a good eCommerce platform and an ERP system integrated into it. We at i95Dev are an end-to-end partner in eCommerce and ERP solutions. For more information on our products and services please contact us.

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