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Plug Your Magento Store to an ERP System Using Real Time Methods

To be competitive in today’s online market it is essential for businesses to have a flexible eCommerce system. Paul Ambar, Head of Marketing at i95Dev, discusses the two basic decisions eCommerce store owners have when it comes to managing the front and back-end of their stores. Either they choose to manually update various systems, which is not only time consuming but could render inaccuracies, or they can benefit by integrating their store with an ERP system to improve productivity and efficiency.


In this webinar we will discuss how integrating your Magento store with an ERP system can make your online business the most successful. You will learn:

    • Which systems can be integrated as we know each company has its own ways of operating. Learning how to optimize all systems will make you the most efficient in the end.
    • How to integrate all vital data to have a seamless integration that is user friendly both on the company’s end as well as the customers.
    • How to keep the customer in mind as you develop your integration, the customers are what make your store thrive. Providing them with a store that is easy to navigate, secure, and pay with flexible shipping options.
    • To save big with an integration!