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increasing conversion rates

QHouseKids is a leading Canadian distributor of toys and baby products from several prominent brands like OXO Tot, Motorola, Lug Kids, P’Kolino, Sophie la giraffe, etc. Started by Parents seeking quality toys and baby products 20+ years ago, QHouseKids today boasts of a product portfolio of over 1500 market-leading products.

i95Dev has been a key partner for QHouseKids for over 6+ years. QHouseKids worked extensively with i95Dev to develop, maintain, and enhance their Magento e-commerce store and integration with Dynamics ERP system.



The goal was to get both B2B and B2C customers to a single e-commerce platform and integrate QHouseKid’s e-commerce store with its ERP system. Their existing disconnected setup was prone to errors and was costing them a lot of time, energy, and money.


  • ERP Integration & Automation – i95Dev kick-started the project with discovery to understand QHouseKids’ business processes, requirements, and challenges. At the end of the project, QHouseKids had their Magento e-commerce and Dynamics ERP systems exchanging customer, product, inventory, order, etc. data seamlessly with each other.
  • B2B/ B2C Development & Support – In addition to ERP integration, many advanced B2B and B2C features like B2B customer support, custom order workflows, partial order fulfillment, split shipment & invoice, SalesPad integration, order returns, functionality, quick orders, minimum order quantity (MOQ), purchase order payment, partial order, partial shipment and invoice, etc. were added to Magento & Integration. This enabled QHouseKids to manage both B2B and B2C customers from the same e-commerce platform. Further, i95Dev helped QHouseKids enhance the integrated e-commerce ecosystem.
  • User Experience & Migration – QHouseKids had come a long way with their Magento 1 store and were excited about the feature enhancements in Magento 2. i95Dev used its 5-step approach to help QHouseKids migrate their e-commerce store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The upgrade process was completed with the upgrade of i95Dev’s Magento ERP connector and related modules.
  • Digital Marketing – Over the last 6 years, QHouseKids has worked towards enhancing their digital presence with i95Dev’s Digital Marketing Services. This tremendously helped QHouseKids gain visibility and increase conversions.
    i95Dev has recently migrated the QHouseKids online store to AWS cloud hosting which has shown a commendable improvement in performance.

In addition, we implemented Algoria search for QHouseKids as their earlier search tool was being problematic for the users. Now, they have a robust search tool, wherein the users can easily search for the right product and at a faster pace.

i95Dev continues to work with QHouseKids and its other brands, supporting them in all their e-commerce endeavors.


Over the last 6+ years, QHouseKids not only saved thousands of hours in the manual effort but also saw an increase in their operational efficiency.
QHouseKids saw a 19% increase in conversion rate.
Earlier, the page load time extended between 6 to 8 seconds. After migrating the store to AWS cloud, the page load time reduced to 3 seconds.
Improved user experience.
Enhanced the integrated e-commerce ecosystem with features like advanced search, amazon integration, marketing platform integration, user experience, and more.

A glance at implementation


“It is very reassuring to be in the hands of very knowledgeable and reliable people. It has been a pleasure to work with the i95Dev team, and we are looking forward to continuing working with them.”

– Gaelle Everard, President, QHouseKids

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