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September 18, 2012

Skyrocket your Sales this
Holiday Season with Magento

Author Jeremy Meyer
Category Blog | Magento |
We would like to invite you to explore the various ways that i95Dev can help you optimize your eCommerce sales this holiday season by switching to Magento. Learn about how our products, services and Magento extensions can help your store realize the maximum potential of Magento and all that it has to offer. It is our goal to help you realize maximum sales this holiday season!

Magento Can Increase Productivity

With the experience and knowledge that our developers possess, we have been able to come up with exclusive extensions for Magento that allows stores to integrate all systems into one system. This includes all ERP, POS, CRM and CMS and accounting systems. In addition you can also integrate your mobile applications and social media to have one system to work with. With fewer steps to take your store will realize greater productivity this holiday season!

Magento Multi-Channel Commerce can Increase Sales

We create eCommerce offerings that revolve around the customer. Capitalizing on what the power of Magento has to offer, we make it possible for you to interact with your clients on multiple channels. The more channels you use, the higher your sales will be this holiday season.

Magento Customization for Each Store

No two stores are exactly alike, even if they are in the same industry. Our developers understand this and work hard to create customized platforms with Magento to fit the needs of each store. No need is too large or small; all you have to do is let our developers know.

Magento Extensions Make for Powerful Stores

Unleash the power of your store onto the world with our more than 100 extensions to choose from. Extensions are meant to make your store as powerful and customer friendly as possible. A few of the extensions we offer include extensions for Accounting, shipping, checkout, catalog, promotional, shopping cart and SEO. Our developers can create any extension that will make your store reach higher sales than you ever though this holiday season.

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