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September 6, 2012

Sweet Tooth Magento Integration
To Experience Higher Traffic

Author Stalin Cruz
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Sweet Tooth integration is one of the latest up and coming integrations available with Magento RMS Connect and GP Connect. This integration gives you the capability to establish a reward point system for repeat customers based on their purchases.

The main goal of the Sweet Tooth integration is to give merchants yet another way to boost sales. A customer rewards program is a great way to lure customers into coming back and buying from you again. It is also a great way to instill customer loyalty and to make the shopping experience more exciting for each customer. The prospect of accumulating points to save money in the future is a proven way to convince customers to become repeat customers.

This integration allows new and previous customers to shop at your online store, accumulating points with each purchase. When they reach a certain threshold of points, they can redeem those points for a discount on their current purchase or save it for a future purchase. Aside from making purchases, customers can also earn points by referring other customers to the program. This turns into yet another channel in your omni-channel ecommerce to gain a larger customer base.

i95Dev has successfully completed the Sweet Tooth integration for two important clients on Magento platforms. The experts at i95Dev worked hard to implement this integration on the Magento Enterprise edition. They have also determined it would work just as well on the community version, making Sweet Tooth a real possibility for almost any store.

There is a need for customization of the Sweet Tooth integration simply because of the various features and benefits it offers. Just like many other integrations, no two stores are exactly alike, which means each one has different needs. The Sweet Tooth integration recognizes that and allows for customization of the integration to provide stores with a solution to their needs.

i95Dev is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of Magento integrations, including the Sweet Tooth integration. There are a variety of integrations and customizations that can be done to help you boost your traffic, sales and profitability. If you want to integrate the Sweet Tooth plug-in with your Magento RMS or GP Connect, contact our experts today.

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