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October 13, 2020

Why is BigCommerce the Right Platform for Your Online Business?

Author i95Dev Marketing

If you are looking forward to building your online retail store, there are a lot of platforms that you can use. But if you are looking for a scalable eCommerce website builder, BigCommerce is a great option. It offers a SaaS-based solution with a low entry barrier and affordable development costs that fit all business sizes, including the large ones. BigCommerce is one of the most popular online store builders, and in this article, we will see why it could be the best platform for your business. Dive in deeper to read this guide on BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Is Affordable

BigCommerce is arguably one of the most affordable eCommerce website builders, with its standard plan costing $29.95 a month, billed annually. When compared with its competitors like Shopify, a similar plan would cost $79. BigCommerce comes with premium features like a headless commerce solution; it’s stencil framework, great support for third-party app integration, and much more. The development costs and turnaround periods are also considerably low. While it is not impossible to start building your webstore, you can hire BigCommerce integration services to utilize the benefits of BigCommerce ERP integrations to their fullest. You can also avail of a 15-day trial.

BigCommerce Is Big On Utility

BigCommerce has some unmatched advantages for merchants, which make business simple. It is a fully hosted solution, so they don’t need to worry about hosting and other maintenance charges as opposed to other platforms. Merchants don’t need to pay additional transaction fees for the standard plan as it supports over 65 payment gateways along with digital wallets like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Chase Pay, and others. Thus, you can provide your customers with an option to use the payment method of their choice. You can integrate it with eBay, ShipperHQ and get access to its robust built-in CRM, marketing, and analytics tools. It is also one of the easiest platforms to use. There are both free and paid good looking themes available for BigCommerce stores that can be easily customized using its Stencil framework:

BigCommerce Has A Big List Of Features

It allows you to access a wide range of features for optimizing your eCommerce store. You can avail built-in SEO tools, order management, product management, CRM, marketing and analytics, payment management tools, and integrate it with third-party logistics apps. You can easily integrate it with marketing automation tools like MailChimp, SendGrid, Salesforce, and HubSpot. It comes with multi-currency support, truly unlimited product listing, return management authorization (RMA), and a built-in blog, to name a few. BigCommerce also supports single-page checkout for your customers and provides you with insights for running promotions and devising discount coupon strategies. You can also use its product management system to assign SKUs and other information for smooth operations.

BigCommerce Is User Friendly For Both Store Owner And The Customers

Among the countless reasons to build your eCommerce enterprise on BigCommerce, user-friendliness is one of our top picks. It comes with 256-bit SSL encryption, and it is PCI DSS compliant. This helps your customers feel safe while purchasing, and it also helps your visibility on the search engines. You get full access to all of the raw CSS files with its full HTML editor for customization purposes. You also get access to SEO optimization like setting metatags, titles, header tags, and URL building. It allows you to utilize inbuilt coupons and discounting to offer deals even daily. The live chat feature is available as a standard for all plans. Social marketing support allows you to sell on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest with its ‘Buy Now’ buttons feature.

You can also provide real-time automatic currency conversion using geo-location and real-time shipping carrier estimates using third-party app integrations. Apart from this, your customers can rate your website and products using the inbuilt rating and review system. It is mobile-friendly, and you get extensive customer support apart from 99.99% uptime and support for Google AMP. Thus, BigCommerce comes with a lot of user-friendly solutions without making you pay any extra dollars.

BigCommerce Has Great Reporting Features

Running an online business requires extensive analytics, and the reporting features of BigCommerce are among the best in class. Its dashboard provides you with data on orders, revenue, customers, visits, conversion rates, and purchase funnel. You also get the top product list and traffic origin statistics on the dashboard itself. Thus, you get extensive insights for your products, customers, and marketing to drive personalization, RFM model, and optimize your website.

BigCommerce Cart Abandonment, Dropshipping, Bundle B2B, And POS

Cart abandonment is probably the biggest concern of online businesses, and BigCommerce can help you out with its abandoned cart saver. It also sends three automated emails to minimize the losses arising out of cart abandonment. The Bundle B2B SaaS app provides B2B businesses with custom catalogs, bulk ordering, and multiple shopping list support, along with premium features that improve operational efficiency. It also supports dropshipping as you can integrate it with Wholesale B2B, Sunrise Wholesale, Printful, and others. For connecting your online store with your brick and mortar store, you can integrate it with POS systems of your choice like Square, Vend, Hike, Clover, and Springboard Retail, to name a few.

Summing Up

As we can see, BigCommerce stands up to its name, and it’s incredibly easy to use, a scalable platform is perfect for building eCommerce websites for all types of businesses. If you are looking for a vendor to help setting up your online business, i95Dev can help you with its BigCommerce Connect on an end to end basis. Our experts will help you plan your online business for developing a full-fledged eCommerce store that brings in all of the benefits mentioned above. We hope that you find this blog helpful in understanding why BigCommerce is the right platform for your online business.

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